Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One Israel even the only true God and redeemer of all of the Holy People, well it is at this time to remember the true meaning of Passover and the Passover Lamb and its origin especially in as far as the children of Israel are concerned that they were once slaves in Egypt and were brought forth by the hand of Moses who lead them to My Holy Mount even Horeb, where on I gave unto him written on tablets of stone My Holy Law and Commandments to deliver unto My People Israel and through them to the whole of mankind who when he came down from the mountain did find them worshiping and bowing down before that idol that was set up whilst Moses received from Me My Holy Law and Commandments thus did I execute upon them the punishment due to all who bow down before idols or worship false gods especially all of those who had lead My people to commit this most heinous crime. Thus it is that the true revelation of salvation and redemption is revealed in the shed blood of a new born lamb without spot or blemish that was first sacrificed in Egypt and its blood brushed on the doors and lintels with hyssop as a sign to the angel of death who was coming to strike the first born of Egypt as a punishment to befall the Egyptians especially Pharaoh for refusing to release My people from their grievous bondage and slavery. Thus it was that I commanded Moses to tell all of Israel to sacrifice a New Born Lamb without spot or blemish and to sprinkle with hyssop upon the doors and lintels of all of their dwellings the blood of the lamb that the angel of death upon seeing the blood would know they were the dwellings of the children of Israel My people and would Passover them to strike the first born of the Egyptians, but the Passing over of the angel of death and the sacrificing of first new born lamb without spot or blemish also signified the coming of the promised Messiah that He would be the eternal Passover Lamb without spot or blemish that would have be sacrificed on the altar of Grace( unmerited Loving Kindness) so that all of those of Israel and of mankind who were to be redeemed and obtain Eternal Life by faith could do so by the only way possible by Him taking their place before My Judgment throne and in their place suffering at My hand the perfect punishment which was their due and to be cast into the bottomless pit which thou calls hell in their stead and to suffer the full measure of the punishment therein and that willingly so at that time for the sacrifice I did make and the heart rending pain I did suffer thence having to condemn part of Myself to watch Him suffer the punishment due for not just one person but the punishment due for all of those who were to become redeemed and save children of the Kingdom of Heaven by Faith there is no being in the whole of creation can or could ever know or understand the pain I did suffer only a Father who has suffered the death of one child knows the suffering and the pain that follows just take that pain and multiply it unto infinity then thou wilt understand the pain I did suffer and that for three days which seemed like unto an eternity but once the punishment completed and the sacrifice accepted He yet had to conquer death and the grave but being perfect Holy and blameless the bonds of death the pit(hell) could not bind or hold Him and thus did He rise from the bottomless pit(hell) and did burst forth from the grave and as a testimony that the requirements of redemption and salvation for all of the Holy People of Mankind were fulfilled and the punishment due for all who had did and would believe through Faith in Him to be their redeemer and saviour had been met and accepted by Me and the gift of eternal life given to all who had did and would believe in and obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments by faith and do My will on Earth as it is done in the Kingdom of heaven then all of those who had believed in the promise Messiah as their coming saviour were released from their graves and did ascend on high to sit at My right hand saith the Lord God of Israel and of the whole of creation. Thus it is all from then on who have believe in Him through faith have received their reward and have entered My Kingdom awaiting the coming of the New Heavens and New Earth when all things shall be made anew.

This is the Word or the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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