Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say unto thee at this time as concerning a Nation divided by war for many years the North ruled by a cruel tyrannical dictator who until lately was set on provoking a mighty Western Nation with his so called Nuclear Ballistic weaponry seemingly set on making war with that Nation who with his government controls his Nation so much so that personal freedom such as freedom of speech exist not in that country. This one who has suddenly changed from being a wolf as so to speak to being a Lamb willing to negotiate peace with his southern Neighbours the question is this is the wolf becoming a peace loving lamb like leader, is the change genuine or has he become a wolf in sheep’s clothing and one answer can be discovered in how he and his government rules his Nation has it changed in any way, what is the motive for making peace with the South of that peninsular is it a genuine move to unite the Nation under the creation of a Government of Unity or is this all a deception on his part to gain the trust of the South so that once all barriers and borders have been removed and America given its marching orders by the South stating because North and South are now at peace and have signed a peace treaty the protection of the American Military is no longer necessary because the North is no longer a threat to the South and after allowing enough time to pass to make it seem that the peace is permanent the Northern Leader takes control of the Unity Government by force. Thus is it that the South because of its desire for peace has been taken in and deceived by the present Northern Leaders sudden seeming willingness at all cost to make peace with the South the Northern Leader and his Government though their attitude seems to have changed towards the South and towards the West as he has said many times his and his fathers and grandfathers ambitions were to see the whole of Korea United under one Government and one Leader has there must be asked has a peace treaty been signed between North and South is there still a state of war between North and South any one can put on a show of seeking peace with a Neighbour but until there is concrete evidence of peace becoming a reality the Northern Government and its Leader cannot and should not be trusted. The only thing that has stopped North Korea from invading the South thus far has been the United States of America of which in the past he has sought to provoke knowing full well that if America did attack his Nation that China would side with North Korea even if it didn’t really want to. Which leads to another question why his visit to China especial as there seems to be a trade conflict between China and America brewing? But the one major question remains if he did through deception lull the South into a false sense of peace and security and once the American Military had departed at the request of South Korea he and his Government suddenly by Military force took over the newly formed Unity Government and America threatened to come to the aid of the South would he request and gain backing and aid from China? Then there is his Nuclear weapons program if he did gain control of the Korean peninsula would he resurrect his Nuclear weapons program to become more of a threat to the west it already is as his promise to dismantle his Nuclear Weapons program seems to be at the moment in word only and empty promises. Like one of thy sayings the proof of the pudding is in the eating so is it with his Nation the proof of his real intentions is revealed in the way he is and has ruled his Nation. South Korea is a open free Democratic Society and the North is close restricted dictatorship ruled by a tyrannical Government having little or no freedoms enjoyed by true Democracies the World over. Thus it is if he got his way then the whole of Koreas would become as the North is now. These two can never be reunited except by force as both Societies are complete opposites and poles apart North Korea has more in common with China than South Korea you might as well try to Unit China and America as North and South Korea.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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