Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee in as far as the attack by the Russian Government which it denies that it was responsible for the attack on an ex Russian spy and his daughter but there are questions to be answered who else or what other Government would target an ex Russian Spy and for what reason and who else had the nerve agent responsible for this attack yes other Nations have the facilities for the manufacturing of this nerve agent but who else has already long ago manufactured it. The Russians are seeking for the British to prove the Russians are responsible for this blatant attack is it not incumbent on the Russian Government to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt it was not responsible even as British Government has been required by the Russian Government to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt it was the Russian Government that was responsible in return is it not like wise for the Russian Government to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt it was not responsible and to prove also that it has no stocks of the nerve agent in its possession. But from past experience even if proof from the British Government was produced would the Russians admit their guilt in as far as this attack is concerned for the Russian Leader and his government to admit they were responsible would be political suicide so admittance of guilt will never be forth coming. But one thing is certain that even if (and they are) were guilty they will have made absolutely certain that it can never be traced back to them as other attacks have proven. So the exercise of seeking to blame Russia for the attack and get them to admit it without solid concrete proof is a totally futile exercise as is the Russian effort to try and turn the tables on the British Government the answer to Russia is that until they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they are not guilty and until the British Government can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they are guilty then its stalemate and the war of words from both sides will continue until both sides agree to leave it at that. Russia has been warned any further attacks will not be tolerated the lines have been drawn and unless both sides want to escalate it to a conflictual level then both sides should agree to disagree with each other who is to blame for this attack on British soil as it would be too easy for this situation to blow out of all proportion and escalating to crippling sanctions being imposed where the ones to suffer in the end would be the people of Russia not Just their government and then where indeed would it end in conflict between the Russian federation and the west?

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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