Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith the Lord God of the Host of heaven and the creature so the Earth. A storm a storm is brewing on the horizon from when cometh it? It comes from the four corners of the Earth and that storm is My vengeance saith the Living Eternal creator of all that is was and ever shall be even the Lord God of the Host of Heaven to descend upon the mighty Nations of the Earth and to bring them down unto the dust of the ground even as I saith the Lord of Lords and King of Kings warned thee of that there would be three mighty Nations about to fall even by My Hand shall they fall and thus it is the first is ready to fall and is already walking down the path unto destruction as also are those Nations which have joined themselves unto it shall if they continue to support this one shall likewise fall with that mighty Nation and great shall be the fall thereof even that mighty Nation that trod the surface of the Earth with the arrogant attitude that, that Nation could do as it willed amongst the Nations of the Earth and not one of the Western Nations could alone do ought to stop such an one as was proven in the UN many times, thus did that mighty Nation in arrogance sought to regain that Nation which was once a part of it that separated itself from the Union of this mighty Nation and aligned itself to the Western Nations and because it refused took from it by force that which was a part of that Nation claiming it belonged to the mighty Nation and by fomenting rebellion hope by those means and still does the return to it of that Nation. Also it has until now run rough shod over many Nations Sovereignty by attacking and killing its former agents and citizens also interfering in their political structure knowing that individually they could do little to stop it only verbally and politically protest but now those Nations have been United by one Nation to draw a red line under this Nations activities in their Nations thus whilst they have been unable to stop this Nation collectively have done so. But as said this mighty Nations destiny is set for great are the crimes it has committed on the Earth and many it has been a party to it has been weighted in the balances found guilt and condemned to fall down unto the dust of the ground and be assured this will and is coming to pass. The other two are as said have already by their actions towards other Nations and towards their own people sealed their doom and will of a surety come to pass, but it shall be each one will fall one after the other and not until the other has fallen so the first is falling along with those who align themselves unto this one and when fallen shall the second one follow. But the signs of the end of all three can be seen in them if thou doth look close enough thou also can see those signs

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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