Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith the Lord God and saviour of mankind at this time in as far as the fall of a wicked Mighty Nation is concerned that hath run rough shod over the safety, security and sovereignty of many Nations that thought it had the measure of the British resolve to defend itself against an aggressor that now finds it has made the biggest mistake it could have ever have made. What was the rule this mighty Nation used the first was the response of its annexing part of a former state when it broke away from it then the British Nations actions in the defence of the Syrian Civilian population and its involvement in the international war against I.S both in Syria and Iraq in that of this Nations unwillingness to commit to putting boots on the ground as also as was the American reluctance to commit troops to fight against I.S. which to say the least was the biggest mistake ever made by this and the American Nation whose former Generals and Presidents especially Churchill and Wellington, would never have made, but most of all its military provocative actions around the shores of the British Isles and the response of the British government when a former Russian agent that defected to the west was assassinated with a military radioactive element. But this mighty Nation is piling mistake upon mistake error upon error in its response to the accusation that it was responsible for the latest assassination attempt by doing what all who deny they are guilty of the crime they are accused of trip themselves up when presented with proof that there are errors in their statement for instance their interrogator says they have a witness to state they were not where they say they were at a certain time and place and will change their statement to suit and will keep on doing so until incontrovertible evidence is presented and they have no other alternative but to admit they are guilty of the crime they are accused of but the real crunch comes when those who stood by them protesting their innocence suddenly realise by the evidence being presented that they are guilty of the crime they are accused of and desert them so it is with this mighty Nation when incontrovertible evidence of that Nations guilt which shall come to pass still stand by them of will they desert them especially with the realisation that they too if that might Nation has cause to will have no compunction of doing to them what its done to Britain and other western Nations when the realization dawn they are as vulnerable as any other Nation on Earth. But even so this mighty Nation no matter what will continue to make spurious claims and accusations against western Nations that state categorically that there is enough incontrovertible evidence to prove their guilt. The question must be if enough evidence to prove the guilt of this mighty Nation what will and must the UN do about it and if it does what it should do what will its reaction be will it claim that the Western Nations have gone too far in accusing this mighty Nation of this crime and retaliate accordingly taking it one step to far of will it once again close itself off from the West. But one thing to note that Nation when the cold war so called ended only change its coat and not its heart as hath been seen and proven.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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