Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the true and only redeemer and saviour even the Lord God who is was and ever shall be the source of all physical and Spiritual LIFE past present and in the future there being none other, all other claims by mankind as to the source of Life are but the product of mankind’s wicked and perverse imaginations as shall in the end be proven to be so. Thus it is that the two mighty Nations destined to fall shall soon follow the first in its descent into the depths of sheol even the bottomless pit which thou of mankind calls hell which indeed falls short as to the reality of the Bottomless pit and that which awaits all who are cast therein. As it is beyond the comprehension of those who belong unto Me and are My children of that which awaits those who Love Me with all their hearts souls and minds and are of Me saith the Lord God even the glory and eternal peace and happiness in My presence for ever. So also it is beyond the comprehension of mankind the horror of the eternal punishment and banishment that awaits those of mankind who are not of Me after Judgment. Thus that there is for the second Nation to fall along with the first a day of reckoning that draws nigh not only for the Mighty Nations of the Earth that are to fall and be no more but for all the Nations of the Earth. But suffice it for the present that the day of reckoning is much closer for these than the rest of the Nations of the Earth a day wherein the crimes of this Nation and the one before it and the one to follow will be read out and an answer required as to why these crimes were committed in the past by these Nations. Crimes against peoples and Nations ethnic and Native peoples throughout time of which not a single one will be omitted this is the way Judgment shall proceed first all the Nations of the Earth shall have to answer reason or excuse for their crimes committed in acts of war conquest and peace times whether it be for acts committed in times of tragedy or peace in defence or of acts committed during the freeing of a Nation or Nations under the heel of Tyrants and Dictators cruel Emperors, Monarchs, Presidents and Prime Ministers there is and never hath been any excuse to committed crimes and sins during any time of conflict, conquest acts of invasion and even in peace and peace keeping. Not one crime or sin committed by any Nation in the whole of the history of the Earth shall be excluded. Then it is the crimes and sins of individuals each one shall have to give an answer unto Me for their as their crimes and sins as they are read out one by one and thus it shall continue till the whole of mankind throughout the ages have been given the opportunity to give a an answer, a reason or an excuse for the crimes and sins they have committed from the very beginning of creation from Adam and Eve until the day of Reckoning when all have to answer to Me of the Nations and of the peoples of all of time and then shall the verdict be declared guilty or innocent for all the crimes and sins of the Nations and then of each and every individual and then the sentence shall be pronounced and executed. The innocent and the upright and the righteous shall inherit My Kingdom forever the guilty banishment to the bottomless pit forever which thou callest hell and make no mistake it is forever without reprieve, remission or parole. I even I could set down a list of the crimes the Nations and mankind hath committed over the centuries and the Judgments already executed upon many but there is not enough space or paper or time to commit them all to writing for it would be that even the Earth surface many times over by the tiniest of writings to be written could contain the list of the crimes and sins of Nations and mankind to be set down before the coming day of reckoning for the whole of mankind begins as said first the Mighty Nations of the Earth then all the other Nations and then each and every person that hath lived is alive and shall live at the time that day of reckoning begins and the end of days is completed.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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