Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I saith the Lord God unto thee at this time in as far as Brexit is concerned and the claims of the EU remain campaigners to hold another Referendum on staying in or leaving EU Constitutionally the referendum result was decisive and binding and not just advisory it is not legitimate to engage in activities designed to frustrate the expressed will of the British people and is against the Democratic principles by which the UK is governed. But the Basis on which the Referendum was held and the resultant vote given was not because of the Political party’s campaigner’s arguments given as to why the UK should leave or remain. The campaigners never had any influence on the referendum result especially one political leader who claimed he was the responsible for the leave winning vote. The British people had already made their mind up on how they would vote if there was a referendum both leavers and remainers and why. The Leavers were the people of Britain who were fed with being governed from Brussels fed up of the imposition of EU legislation being imposed on the UK by the European Court of Justice by the EU, having to contribute billions to the EU central Government fund being unable to control our own border security because of the EU’s policy on the free movement of Goods and people especially in the face of the growing number of migrants seeking a new life and refugees seeking asylum in the EU and the growing terrorist threat the erosion of the Sovereignty of Parliament the inability of Parliament to make Laws and pass legislation without interference from Brussels and the EU always looking over the UK’s shoulder in that if it any legislation or Bills that were put before Parliament contravened EU legislation or the Bills did not meet EU rules and regulations had to be abandoned basically the British people wanted their country back to be governed as it was and had been for more than a thousand years before the EU. But also there was one straw that broke the camel’s back and that was the ambitions of the EU for greater integration and a single military force for the whole of the EU which stank of Empire building which would have meant the erosion of National identity the inability for the UK to defend itself with its own Military force. For the moment the EU has abandoned the idea of seeking closer integration but if the UK had remained in the EU how far along that path would it have gone and what was the motive behind the EU even suggesting it but also there was the idea put forward by the EU of moving the financial centre from London to the centre of the EU robbing the UK of its financial sector and its influence on the World’s financial stage basically the EU is jealous of Britain’s financial standing in the World of finance and wants it for itself. The question is will it again resurrect the move towards greater integration and do they realise that greater integration leaves the way open for one Nation rule over the rest of the member states and the potential rise of dictators and Emperors and Tyrants the individuality of the EU Nations is and always will be a safeguard against the rise of such. But the Leavers who voted against leaving who are they, they are the ones who would have the most to lose by leaving the EU and have revealed who the main ones are by their threats if the UK leaves the EU they will move their businesses to the EU and the financial sector mainly banking and investment will move to the EU as well, it was and is all of the rich and powerful the Business and financial sectors that would in their eyes be the losers if Brexit happened they state that uncertainty of the outcome of Brexit would influence their decisions to move to the EU. That uncertainty they claim to exists doesn’t exist at all for the Business sector and the financial and investment sector already have assessed the risks and the advantages and the disadvantages the losses and the profits and it is they who want their cake and eat it, but they also know that to oppose the will of the people in as far as the outcome of the referendum would be a mistake on their part so the only way to sabotage Brexit is to try and change the minds of the British people and get enough support for a new referendum the mistake they have made is that the political campaign was not what persuaded the British people to vote leave as said their minds were already made up before the referendum and the main factors were principal first they want their country back but the attitude of the EU towards the UK over the past decades before the referendum its treatment of the British Prime Minister treating him with distain in the negotiation for a better deal with the EU and treating him as though he was the leader of a second class Nation and the deal offered that was not legally binding signed sealed or delivered was not worth the paper it was written on as it could have been rescinded at any time in the near future.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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