Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God as concerning the situation in the middle East and the various conflicts therein that are taking place it is as whole a powder keg that the tinniest spark will cause it to explode into a major conflict but this is as it should be at the present time for it hath become a melting pot for not just the Nations of the Middle East but for many western Nations and Eastern European Nations a trial by fire as so to speak and as fire purifies so this region shall be a means of purifying the Earth especially the Middle East of all those wicked and perverse Nations of the Earth that are destined to fall. They that are righteous shall shine as the Sun at its zenith and the wicked Nations shall perish in that region by My swift and terrible sword the days that are now upon the Nations of the Earth hath been ordained from all eternity and all that hath thus been ordained shall of a certainty come to pass for soon that Last great Battle as prophesied in My Word shall come to pass even on the plains of the Middle East at that time and in that place as hath be so written and set down as it were in stone. Thus it is with the opportunity missed by the Western Nations to avoid the Syrian conflict before it got out of hand because of the reluctance mainly brought about by the events and mistakes of the first and second gulf wars and the responsibility of the west in that region abandoned leaving the Nation themselves without any real help to recover and establish a stable secure and responsible Government with a military force capable of defending that Nation against terrorist and rebel factions and groups thus this situation hath arisen. Thus it is now because of a Tyrannical regime and its allies using banned chemical weapons on it own people is it not history repeating itself when in the past another dictator used chemical weapons on it own people and nothing was done about that Nation by the international community until that Nation invaded another Nation even Kuwait. These two being ruled by similar regimes and by the same political party the question really must be asked where did he really get his chemical weapons from was not it Iraq under its former dictator before the end of the second Gulf war. But now the actions taken by the west in that region and in Syria should be taken with extreme care and as surgical as it possibly can be taken in light of the horrific attacks perpetrated by the Syrian Government with it allies being aware of that governments unacceptable usage upon Syrian civilians and children. No one in the west and in the middle East wants a major international conflict to break out and it would be in the interest of the Syrian allies to stop the Syrian regimes use of these weapons even though they deny it has used them but knowing Syria and its allies they will not stop using any and all means to achieve their objective. But what about the American possession of Syria’s oil field’s if that regime was allowed to continue towards it objective in securing for itself the whole of Syria would it seek to regain from the Americans by force its oil fields. So from that point of view sooner or later there is going to be a major conflict breaking out between Syria and its allies and America if the Americans are not willing to surrender the oils fields.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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