Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee saith the Lord of the Hosts of Heaven and redeemer of mankind especially My chosen people the World over. The Middle East is now like unto as said a powered keg ready to explode for its fuse has been lit and there only remains a short time before it explodes there is but one Nation alone that can defuse the whole situation by taking the necessary action to do so and that Nation knows which it is. Thus far the West has held back from taking military action as there is no desire to escalate the situation into a region wide conflict whereby those who would be the ones that suffered the most would be mainly the civilians in the whole of the Middle East. One thing has to be taken into consideration and that is once it escalates beyond Syria’s border it will involve and affect all the Nations in that region and as said there is but one Nation alone that can defuse this powder keg stopping it from exploding and escalating into a regional war that could and will affect all the Nations on Earth and that Nation is Russia. What cannot be tolerated in this modern age is the usage of any weapons of mass destruction especially chemical weapons and any Nation no matter which one it is should be brought to account and should be under no illusion that the necessary action will be taken to stop it using such weapons and will be brought to account for their actions especially if it involves the deaths of civilians and especially children no matter their age all are precious in My sight and be assured any action in the usage of such weaponry shall meet with My vengeance descending upon them full force and upon those who do little or nothing to stop these horrendous weapons from being used on innocent children and civilians no matter who the guilty party or Nation is this say I unto thee saith the only true Living God redeemer and creator of all that was is and ever shall be is not a threat for I do not threaten I promise that what I say be assured I will do as it is written in My Word and as it is said by Me so shall it come to pass upon the Earth. Thus say I now it is that My Just Judgment and the punishments thereof shall indeed return to be executed upon all of the Nations of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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