Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation as afore said the whole of the Middle East is as a powder keg ready to explode and it is not just Syria alone that is about to bring it to a head. The war in Syria is just one part of the problem that exists there the conflict betwixt Turkey and the Syrian Kurds is another the Yemeni conflict is another and then there is the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and also Afghanistan and the Taliban and if this Powder keg is not defused soon then the whole of the Middle East will erupt into a major Battle ground and the only ones to suffer in the long run are the civilians and children of mankind but think ye that the refugees are safe on the borders of the Nations to which they have fled and sought shelter from these conflicts not so for if the Middle East becomes a major battle ground then no one is safe the refugees will be the most vulnerable and in the line of fire which will cause them to flee as far as they can from the major conflict regions and the question is where will they flee to and the answer is Europe. But Europe is already being overrun by migrants seeking a better life and refugees seeking asylum from other World conflicts as said afore and of which I say again the whole of the present modern civilization is in trouble and is on the brink of a major worldwide catastrophe and collapse and unless the Nation of the Earth unite to bring peace to those conflict regions of the Earth and with Each other then this World will become an unfit place for the ordinary man woman and child to live in. But this is not the end of it think thou that the state of the World cannot get any worse think again. If this civilization does collapse and it will if it continues the way it’s going then that which the various media predict as being the state of the World after an apocalyptic disaster is nothing as compared to the reality that will come to pass upon the Earth. One instance is the vision of the World running out of oil. No one wants to face the reality that this could happen but as said afore oil like any of the Earth resources is limited and if used to extremes which this civilization is doing it will run out sooner than later and one of the signs of this coming to pass is oil wells dry up one after another in quick succession as oil get scarcer and scarcer conflicts will inevitably break out over the dwindling oils supplies. No oils no fuel for cars and goods vehicles or air transport or transportation by sea the reliance of this civilization on oil will be its undoing.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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