Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee at this time and to all of mankind even I who I AM THAT I AM the Lord God of all of creation even now the Nations do gather together in one place as hath been ordained and prophesied through My servants the prophets that this time would come to pass upon the Earth when all the mighty Nations of the Earth Would gather together upon one battle field for the last great battle so cometh now the end of the Tyrant and the Dictator the Emperors and the Conquerors the oppressors the extortioner and spoilers of Nations and peoples these shall all be consumed by the fire of My wrath and anger even out of every Land and Nation and people also the end of Corrupt Governments and politicians for it shall be for them a time of Judgment a time of Just Judgment over all the Earth of all the wicked of mankind the immoral the manslayer the terrorist the rapist the murderers of men women and children those who rob from the weak the sick the elderly and the haters of fathers and mothers and an end of all the abusers of children and women. Thus as said before that there is nothing that is hidden even the hidden things of darkness that shall not be brought out into the light the light of truth for as lies hide like darkness so truth like light reveals all and as light cannot be overcome with darkness so also truth cannot be overcome by lies. Thus there cometh a time when a throne of Judgment shall be set up to Judge all the Nations of the Earth by He who shall sit thereon who shall execute swift and terrible Just Judgment upon all who do break the Law even all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especially My Moral law and no not one person Nation Land or peoples of the Earth shall be excluded and from the punishments thereof as are set down in My Word for mankind’s laws are not My Laws and mankind’s punishments are not My Punishments that shall be executed upon the breakers thereof and from such an one and there shall indeed be no hiding place and no refuge for any of the wicked of mankind a time is coming when all upon the Earth shall learn war no more and all the weapons of mankind shall be abandoned and destroyed. A time when all of mankind shall be dedicated to taking care of the all of the Earth its environment is creatures its plant life its water ways it lakes streams rivers its seas and all that dwell therein instead of destroying them as mankind is doing so by the resources now that mankind is now misusing the life all creatures mankind all plant life the oceans and seas the forest are all interdependent for their survival mankind cannot exists upon the Earth without the plants trees oceans seas lakes rivers mountains and all the creatures of the Earth as are also the creatures plants trees oceans seas and all that in them is dependent upon mankind it is one as said one interdependent whole and that is how I created it so to be in the beginning consider and open thine eyes the narrative in My Word of the creation of the Earth the creatures and mankind especial mankind’s place in the whole of creation. I set mankind as the chief of My creation and I did place the whole of the creatures none excluded under and subject giving mankind authority over all the Earth not one single person but all of mankind that where to be the decedents of Adam and Eve before they fell. Thus that authority not to be abuse still holds and the dependency of the all of creation upon Earth still stands and this is one thing also mankind shall have to give and account of the neglect l of mankind’s responsibility to all of creation and each other. As it is the responsibility of children to respect and obey their parents so it is mankind’s responsibility to obey and respect their creator and as a Parents when children disobey their parent they are punished so also it is with Me as the creator of mankind punishment must of necessity follow disobedience and total and complete disobedience and rebellion is followed by ultimate and total punishment.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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