Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time it is praise worthy that the strikes that the Nations involved in the attack on various targets in Syria were surgically precise and with few casualties in Syria and no allied casualties saith the Lord God. But this will not deter the Syrian Regime from continuing to deny their use of chemical weapons and to use of them in the future all the faculties for the manufacturing and stock piling them in that country have not been eliminated other facilities in secret places are still fully functional for that regime has and is not stupid enough to leave all of its facilities out in the open making them vulnerable targets for allied strikes and that regime will continue to manufacture and stock pile and use these weapons of mass destruction whilst they feel safe under the umbrella of Russia, Iran and their other allies plus who’s to say, noting Russia’s record on the manufacturing and stock piling of the nerve agent used in the UK is beyond supplying that regime with replacement facilities and materials for the manufacturing of chemical weapons. Thus say I unto thee this is not the end but the beginning of the strikes on Syria that will have to be made to eventual persuade that Regime to cease its chemical production stock piling and use against what it considers rebels and terrorists. The regimes and its Leaders goal are to totally eradicate all rebels and those it considers terrorist from Syria and even existence. Its aim is to get all those it considered rebels and terrorist into one place even civilians men women and children so that they can b eliminated them en mass. To that Regime once a rebel and a terrorist always a rebel and a terrorist who cannot be trusted to become trusted peaceful Syrian citizens again and if banished from Syria there is in their eyes no guarantee they will not return to provoke another rebellion against the Government. What has to be considered is the rebels that have been evacuated have been moved away to another place not accepted back into Syrian society. They have not and will not be repatriated but moved to other rebel held territories. Remember Aleppo and the Siege on that city it will happen again once Damascus and the surrounding areas have be secured and cleared of rebels and whom they consider terrorists then that regime and its allies will surround the rebel enclave and wipe it out. Thus say I the fuse to the Powder Keg ready to explode in the middle East is Syria and its regime and that is why I said unto thee the only Nation that can in reality defuse that powder keg is Russia which if it does shall go a long way to restoring credibility and its position on the international stage as a trusted peaceful Nation open to diplomatic cooperation with other Nations barring the conflict over the nerve agent attack in the UK.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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