Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith the Lord God of all creation as concerning the international ineffective talking shop of the Nations of the World even the UN which needs first to get its house in order and then not just to be a talk shop and all talk and no action having an ineffective peace keeping force of questionable morality of which at the present no Nation trusts it not only to keep the peace but to protect the citizens of the Nation it is in not only against aggressors but some of its own forces causing that organization to be not only ineffective in promoting peace in the World but its trustworthiness as a peace keeping organization questionable, as hath been recently proven. One of the main terms and conditions of membership to the United Nations security council of any Nation should be as a peace keeping organization that any Nation that has no justifiable reason for being involved in another Nations civil war except in the capacity of seeking to bring both sides to the negotiating table to discuss peace that Nations should be in danger of having its membership and veto suspended but even more so if the Nation in which they are seeking to promote peace blatantly uses banned chemical weapons against rebels and innocent men women and children with its knowledge and does nothing to stop it using such weapons, no Nation active in the civil war of any Nation siding with either of the opposing forces without seeking to bring peace and an end to the civil war in that Nation should be a member of any organization that is formed to promote Worldwide peace between Nations especially the United Nations which is supposed to be an active peace keeping organization. Also any member of a peace keeping organization that actively promotes unjustifiable aggression towards any other Nation outside of the boundary of international law should also have its membership and veto suspended on a temporary basis and a board of inquiry setup to investigate the reasons for its aggression towards another Nation with view if no justifiable reason can be found to terminate its membership permanently. The justifiable reasons being to seek to end the use of any banned weapons and substances on innocent civilians of any Nation with or without their knowledge and the usage of devastating weapons on any civilians population who have not the means to defend themselves against an aggressor seeking to harm them in any way whatsoever or in seeking to destroy their homes and possession with the aim of ethnically cleanse any Nation in the World.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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