Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time as concerning a proposal for a resolution of the House to be passed set before Parliament, saith the Lord God of the whole of creation, for Parliament to be consulted by the Prime Minister of the UK before any Military action is taken poses the question on the viability of such consultation especially in open debate with all of the Parliamentary Mp’s present in as far as the secrecy of such an operation and the National security of the Nation is concerned especially after a previous chemical attack. First and foremost the Prime Minister is elected to Lead the Government not to follow it and if such an one cannot be trusted to perform their roll to the best of their ability in consultation with their cabinet then they should not have been elected to that position in the first place and in the second if found wanting should be voted out of that office by a vot of no confidence in their Leadership. But as to open debate on any Military action the questions of security and secrecy come to the for front where do you draw the line to revealing the details of any forth coming action that would give the enemy the advantage of advanced warning of an imminent attack with the possibility of preparing adequate defence against such an attack and is not the element of surprise and advantage in any such operations as was proven in the attack in Syria and had adequate defence been put in place left Military personnel’s lives at risk and would open debate in Parliament during the second World war have ever been considered by the Government in full session by its Leader yes consultation was in effect with the leaders of every allied Government but their Governments in full session were only consulted after the action had taken place and only details that were not relevant to the secrecy act and National security were ever revealed to Mp’s. But for secrecy and Nation security and the possibility of forewarning the enemy especial the Military action that was to be the invasion of Europe to bring about the end of the occupation of Europe the saying that thou hast is apt at this time an enemy forewarned is an enemy forearmed and could even take pre emptive strike to negate any forth coming military action against it. Yes consultation could be extended to all party leaders if necessary but until the operation was over would have to be held incommunicado for the duration of the operation. The first Gulf war was a supreme example where security and secrecy was paramount for the freeing of Kuwait but the second gulf war should have included a least party leader consultation. But the major mistakes made were not a lack of consultation but adequate investigation in to the discovery of the weapons of mass destruction purported to held by the Leader of Iraq and the aftermath the execution of the regimes Leader and the rebuilding of a viable Government and military to establish Nation stability of which the US was most at fault. But making the Prime Minister by act of Parliament having to consult parliament before taking military action even in an emergency would negate the secrecy of any operation and jeopardise National security making the Nation vulnerable and the lives of Military personal at risk. The proposition put forward by a Party leader proposing an act of parliament to restrict the powers of the Prime minister to take military action without consulting parliament is ludicrous making the Leader of the government ineffective in an emergency leaving the Nation vulnerable and open to attack as it has been in the past when previous attacks have taken place in this country the supreme example being the Russian defector when no real action was taken to find the ones guilty of committing the attack and the Government behind it. At least this time this country had a Prime minister in office determined enough to do something about finding the culprits and their government and the proof necessary to get the support of other countries after making them aware by the facts presented they too were vulnerable to attack by the Nation responsible.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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