Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even the only true Living God and redeemer of mankind and all of the Holy People throughout the Earth for one and for two Leaders of the mighty Nations of the Earth all the hidden things of darkness even the hidden secrets of their hearts shall be brought out into the open and into the light of day to be seen by all of mankind and to be by Me saith the Lord God of the Hosts of the Heaven of Heavens, weighed in the balances of true eternal Just Judgment and even now that process hath begun which cannot be halted nor frustrated by these for all of their hidden crimes and sins and the ins and crimes of their Nations even heir abominable immoral secrets shall no longer remain hidden they shall be revealed to all of mankind by the Light of Divine truth to their everlasting shame and condemnation. Who are these leaders and Nation they are they re the Heads of one and of two mighty Nations that are to be brought down even to the unto the dust of the ground and unto destruction for now it is that their days a numbered their time has come their cup of My wrath and anger to be poured out upon them is filled up to overflowing for all of the past crime and sins that these and their Nations have committed since their rise to become mighty Nation of the Earth their path to power is a blood stained one and the blood of their victims over the decades cried out for Justice to be executed upon them as said their cup of wrath and anger is filled up to the brim and unto overflowing so much so that the Judgment of these can no longer be delayed thus first the mighty Nation in the East must face my Just Judgment and then one in the West these two mighty Nations shall fall by the sword the swift terrible sword of My vengeance these who have been the cause of the deaths countless children throughout their history even of their own Nation and of the peoples who possessed the land before them, but not only children but of defenceless men and women and the poor and the needy of mankind who sought mercy from these who sought to destroy them and are the cause of the deaths of many thousands yea even millions of innocent civilians as I live saith the Lord God of creation all of these shall not escape My wrath and anger being poured out upon them neither they nor their Nations and as afore said when they cry out for mercy so shall I show them the mercy they have shown to those whom they in fact have murdered without even a second thought of being merciful towards these the innocents of mankind even unto this day. Many of these two Nations, because My wrath and anger was not immediately forth coming think and believe they have escaped My wrath and anger or either I am as they or that I exist not even when their own hearts and their own faiths bear witness to My existence and the glory of My creation whose voice can never be silenced in bearing witness as to whom is the author of the whole of creation and the maintenance thereof, for the whole of the Universe bears witness whose voice cannot be silenced to the Glory of My Holy Name that shall once more dwell where it hath in ancient times the House to My Name in My City. Thus as said the process of the demise of the two Nations hath begun one following the other and none no not one can halt their inevitable destruction by the right hand of My Power and by the striking of My swift and terrible sword of My vengeance. For one and for two Judgment hath begun and for one Nation and for two their fall is assured even hath it so began so shall it continue until they are no more.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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