Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Lord God and redeemer of all of mankind who through faith believe in the eternal Passover Lamb ordained before time came in to existence to be sacrificed for all of those who would come to believe in and accept Him as their Saviour even the Messiah whose name is Immanuel which means God with mankind or lived in the midst of mankind.. Thus say I as the true Eternal Passover was ordained to be slain and take the place of all of those who would come to believe in Him in Judgement so also is the day of Judgement is so ordained and fixed and immovable and cannot be altered in any way whatsoever. Thus say I saith Adonai even the only true Creator of all that was and is and ever shall be the Judging of the whole of mankind doth draw nigh but before that shall My wrath and anger rain down on all of those who have and do cause injury to all the creatures of the Seas and do pollute the oceans and seas with their rubbish in whatsoever form it is in especial plastic waste. But more so shall I punish the inventors and the manufacturers and the sellers and those who cast it aside without a thought for the health of the creatures of the oceans and seas but not only these for as the waste cast into the Seas and Oceans increases so it will begin to affect the environment and the shores of the sea by these means mankind is becoming their own worst enemy as humanity is with the orbit of the Earth. Not only shall there be in the near future a mass reduction of the fish of the oceans upon which many of mankind depend for food but it will begin to affect the whole environment in the respect of river pollution which is already seen abroad in many third world Nations as ye call them. Look at those rivers and the surface covered by the plastic waste and just imagine that on the oceans and seas the Water Cycle relies on evaporation of water from the seas and oceans what happens when that process is reduced or even halted by plastic waste which if it continues to be cast into the seas and oceans will create plastic waste Islands floating on the surface of the oceans and seas not many years hence fish stocks reduced evaporation of the oceans reduced which will lead to droughts and droughts leads to crop failures advancement in global warming as ye call it an increase of disease and plagues but also in what ye call the third world and increase of deaths through starvation and in as far as the west is concern a drastic fall in the standard of living in other words if mankind continues to treat the oceans and the environment as humanity is doing so now it will lead to a global disaster of cataclysmic proportions. Mankind does not understand by their action the damage which they by their thoughtless carelessness actions are doing to the planet nor do they seem to care. Which will mean that mankind will deserve all that is coming their way in as far as the devastation of which they will be the cause of and also of My wrath and anger raining down upon them from on high for all of their crimes against the creatures of the Earth and its seas and oceans and the area above the surface of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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