Thus saith the Lord god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time saith the Lord God as it is and shall be with the mighty Nations of the Earth who shall t be with all the Nations of the Earth one by one they shall be Judged. But saith I unto the Nations and all of mankind none no not one understands nor can comprehend the reality of the Judgment to come upon all of the inhabitants of the Earth without exception. First shall it be that all the Nations of the Earth one by one shall be Judged and have to give an account of their time upon the Earth and of all of their acts good or bad of all of their crimes and sins each and every crime each and every sin and every instance of the breaking of My Holy Law and moral Law and Commandments since they came into existence, before Me unto perfection when I shall sit upon My Judgment throne, against other Nations and against their own people for it is By My Holy Law and Commandments shall all of the Nations be Judged and the punishment set down therein shall be the punishment that shall be executed upon all of the Nations of the Earth without exception, but that is not the end of it then shall come the Judgment of every individual since the beginning of time one by one shall they all have to give an account of their lives upon the Earth and all of their words thoughts and deed towards Me and towards each other and all of whom they throughout their lives have come into contact with of all their crimes of all of their sins they have committed for all of their successes and all of their failures to do good as is set down in My Word they each and every one shall have to answer for and then be Judged by My Just Judgment both the righteous and the unrighteous the wicked and those of humanity who are upright in heart and mind. Thus it is for all of their crimes and sins shall they be punished without exception and for all of their good deeds shall they be rewarded even according to My Word as is written and hath been revealed throughout the ages. But this say I unto thee none no not one shall escape Judgment even all of those who profess to be of Me through the blood of the eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah who have accepted His death as their death and His resurrection as their resurrection and are clothed in His righteousness these to shall be Judged and although as thou wouldst say it some will enter My Kingdom barely even by the skin of their teeth yet are they to have to give and account before Me of their lives on Earth of the faults and failings of their obedience’s and disobediences to Me and My Word they shall be Judged and punished but as with the wicked and the unrepentant of mankind so shall it not be with those who are of Me for all who believe through the blood of the Messiah are My children but as with Earthly parents so with Me they shall be treated as My Children in every respect for a father who loves his children also corrects them when they do wrong or are disobedient or sin but not as with a strange in the house if they do wrong cast them out. Thus I say unto thee when all of mankind come before Me to be Judged nothing shall remain hidden all shall be revealed and as each and every person knows themselves so shall all know them unto the utter most degree. For as in Judgement all is known by Me so it is even now everything that is to be known I know for nothing to Me is Hidden or secret even I know everything unto perfection. But there are many who say that if every Nation and every person is to be Judged and have to give and account of all of the Lives on Earth Judgment is going to last a very, very long time! Not so for beyond this Earthly life time exists not only Eternity and as I am and can be in every place at once every Nation and all of mankind can be Judged at the same time and in the same instance. For it is once thy life is over on Earth thou doth step into eternity where time ends and eternity exists. Judgment shall last only as long as necessary as will the verdict of the Judgement passed and as shall the execution thereof of upon every Nation and every individual person.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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