Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I saith the Lord God of the whole of creation unto thee well it is that instead of stopping up thine ears and blinding thine eyes to My Word and the Words of warning unto thee of the consequences of disobedience to My Holy Law even My Moral Law and My Commandments that are even written on the tablets the fleshy tablet of the hearts of all of mankind that ye do disobey each and every day and are made aware of the thy disobedience by the conviction of the spirit of all truth especially divine and spiritual truth when thou doth break even the slightest of My commandments of which many do seek and succeed in hardening their hearts to whose destination in eternity is set and for who there is no repentance nor the desire thereof to repent who throughout all of the time on Earth hide in the darkness of unbelief believing that there is no God no Bottomless pit which thou doth call hell no adversary ye call the devil and Satan that the Earth and the Universe came into existence through the random accident of the big bang which is to say the least childish in the extreme. For in the all of the Universe which I saith the Lord of Host brought into existence by the power of My Word for I command it to exist and thus it came into existence and did decree the foundation on which the whole of creation exists and the order by which the whole of the Universe doth follow and without which it could not continue to exist for in Me saith the Lord God there is and never shall be confusion only perfect order for it is death and destruct follows on the heels of confusion only with order can life in all of the Universe exist especially upon the Earth for all things as My word saith work together for good according to My Holy Will and purpose and in Me doth all of mankind live and work and have their being and without Me nothing can exist that doth exist for it is that I AM THAT AM, am the source of all life. But as already said as concerning the deafness of thine ears and the blindness of thine eyes that stoppeth up thine ears to the warnings sent and those of and in My Word well it would be for thee to unstop thine ears and take the blindness of thine eyes for warnings come to and sooner or later and then for the wicked of mankind warning turn into action and wrath and anger follows thereafter as sure as day follows night and then for the wicked and the immoral the murders of men women and children time runs out and death and destruction doth follow on in the form of whirlwind and fire earthquake and volcano vast and powerful tsunamis and hurricanes and plague, pestilences and diseases which are totally resistant to all of thy medicines and pesticides for the time is for those ordained for life everlasting to enter the Kingdom of the heaven of heavens but for those of the wicked and rebellious and disobedient and unbelievers of mankind that are ordain for destruction and death the bottomless pit which thou doth call hell and the beginning of their everlasting punishment for the breaking of My Holy Law and Commandment and for all of their sins and crimes against Me and Mine and against others of mankind.

Thus is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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