Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of the heaven of heavens unto thee as said one and then two mighty Nations are to fall one through that leaders support of a middle Eastern Nation and the other by being deceived by a Leader whose mouth drips the honey of peace but his heart which is as hard as granite and as black as the bottomless pit is set on taking control of the whole of the Korean peninsula by deception not only by deceiving the mighty Nations leader that his intentions for peace are genuine but that also that Leader of the Southern Nation whom he has already lead astray and who really believes that the Northern Leaders ambitions for peace are genuine both these Leaders as thy saying goes are like sheep being lead to the slaughter. But America if he does gain control will not be the only one in danger from this Leader and his regime but other Nations also in the region for once he has control of the whole of the peninsular like all cruel dictators his ambitions will know no limits especially in as far as the USA is concerned as said peace might be on his lips but his heart has one main ambition towards the USA and the Leader of that mighty Nation knows what that is for once he has control of the whole of that far Eastern peninsular the resources for his nuclear program will be within his grasp. But this also I say unto thee if he even agrees to dismantle his Nuclear arsenal which he will not do so, his military might once the American forces have been withdrawn from the Southern Nation and the region as a gesture of their willingness to pursue peace in the region and by agreement with the Southern Nation the military of that Nation will be over run for without American support they will be unable to resist the Northern Nations military might. This is where his visit to China comes into play that visit was to gain in secret the support of China if when he had gained control of the whole of the Korean peninsula the American government would threaten to come to the aid of the Southern Nation with its military might to force him and his regime back into the North China then would come to his aid in as far as warning America if they attacked Korea once he was in control of the whole of Korea then they would come to his defence in resisting American aggression towards Korea as the Northern Leader would put it. Thus he would be free to proceed with his nuclear ambitions without restraint and thus becoming a real danger to America and the other Nations of the Far Eastern region and a possible danger to World peace.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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