Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the only Lord God saviour and redeemer of mankind thus say I in as far as the competence of the present Government is lacking in the extreme to properly govern the UK. But on saying that the opposition is in no better a state than the present Government and which is rife with anti Semitism and it s reluctance to weed it out is revealed in its lack of hast slow to say the least in weeding it out and the present Government in as far as immigration in the respect of the Windrush immigrant situation is concerned it has made a right as it is said in the north of the country a right hash out of it and it would have been better for it to have taken more time to analyses every aspect of what was involve in putting certain controls in place to deal with excessive immigration in to the UK in the first place it is was with this government a case of more hast less speed . But in as far as the Windrush immigrants were concern the Government at the time should have replaced the landing cards with adequate registration documentation thus emphasising the incompetence of both political party leaders to wear the mantle of Prime Minister. But not only has there been catastrophic mistakes and omissions made in as far as this situation is concerned but also in as far as Brexit is concerned it should have been simple and straight forward the UK was Leaving the EU and should have been only have been a matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s but it has become a complex and an unnecessary exercise in futility for in the end it all will amount in the Brexit negotiations going round in endless circles and the major causes will be the Irish Border and the Gibraltar Spanish Border. Ye have a saying amongst thee that a new broom sweeps clean and this is what is needed now in Parliament sweeping away old stagnant political system and its adherents and replacing it with one in keep with this modern era there are far too many cobwebs in Parliament that it is starting to look like a crypt or an old abandoned derelict mansion where the interior has collapsed in decay. Thus said I unto this government if thou had took heed of My Word unto thee and obeyed all of My Holy Laws and commandments I would prospered thee in all of thine endeavours so much so that with this government at the helm of this Nation it would become a prosperous and wealthy trading Nation but did ye take heed of My Word not so thou has by stopping up thine ears and blinding thine eyes to My Word sown to the whirlwind and have reaped the harvest of disaster upon disaster mistake upon mistake failure upon failure thou has only thyself to blame for the situation thy Government is now facing both the political Party in Government and the political Party in opposition.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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