Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee that there is a battle about to begin and a siege set up by the Syrian regime and its allies against that which it says are rebels and terrorists but in reality there are but a few rebels the majority are innocent women and children that did agree to be move to another rebel held enclave rather than surrender to the Syrian regime for they knew if surrendered to the Syrian regime and its allies they and the civilians with them would be shown no mercy and that if they did surrender they would have disappeared into the prison complex being first imprisoned then tortured and then massacred in secret. The regime and its Leader only agreed for them to be move to the rebel enclave of Idlib for he knew if he didn’t agree then the occupation of Doumah by the rebels would continue until not one of them would have remain in other words a prolonged conflict with his allies that would have caused more worldwide condemnation forcing him into a prolonged cease fire that would have resulted in the regrouping of the Rebel forces and a delay to regaining full control of Syria thus frustrating his and his regimes plans for the future of that Nation for one thing was certain that if the rebels and the civilians had not agreed to move to Idlib such is his hatred of them and the civilians with them that he would not have stopped seeking their deaths until every one of them had ceased to exist up the face of the Earth even every rebel and civilian them men women and children. Thus ye think the siege of Aleppo was horrendous for the rebels and the civilians of that city it is nothing towards that which is to befall the rebel enclave of Idlib for the Syrian Leader and his regimes aim is to wipe out the rebels to a man and all of the civilians with them for that Leader and his regime considers every man woman and child as terrorist to be shown no mercy whatsoever. Remember Kosovo and the rest of the East European states that suffered at the hands of their Governments and Leaders well along with these shall Idlib go down in the annals of infamy. Will then the Nations of the World do as they did with Aleppo stand on the side lines watching it happen and yet doing nothing to stop for if they do then there shall be no limit to My wrath and the fury of My anger that shall be outpoured upon them and in Judgment no mercy shall be shown to those who have shown by their inaction show no mercy to the innocents of Idlib.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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