Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the only true redeemer and savour of mankind without beginning and end the first and the last even the Lord God and creator and maintainer of the Universe and all that in it is the source of all life without whom nothing can exist that doth exist in the whole of creation who commands and it is done who says and it comes to pass. Thus say I unto thee there are four Nations in the Middle East that are on the road down unto destruction two have passed the point of no return one a mighty Nation which hath allied itself to another and whose fall was ordained to come to pass from the beginning, but the one whom allied itself to this Nation and hath aided it in its conflict believes that it can extricate itself from the situation it’s in is sadly mistaken because its not only the Nation its allied itself to that will cause its ultimate downfall but its attitude and the actions it has taken towards and in other Nations in the World whose retaliation towards it was totaly unexpected and of which it is still recovering from seen by the denials it is making to the Nations it has offended and attacked but what is making its situation worse is its support of its partners Nation in the Middle East in the support of its denial of using weapons of mass destruction against not only Rebels but against civilians and will if it advances the Leader of that Nations ambitions in the taking of Idlib, use them again believing that even if he does use such weapons with that mighty Nation as his ally short of going to war with both Nations there is little or nothing the West can do about it. But the two Nations that have not reached the point of no return one involved in a war not of its own making and the other another ally of the two that have passed the point of no return on the road to down unto destruction whose destination is as set in stone. Which are a part of the military wing of the Nation from which they came if they return to their own Nation they will escape the same destruction that awaits these two for their crimes against the people of Syria and of those committed against the Nations of the West but and if they return not then the same destruction awaits them also.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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