Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee as concerning as the existence of mankind and the life span of mankind physically and the life span of mankind spiritually the spiritual life span of mankind cannot and is not measured by mankind’s physical life span as some teach and believe that it is when a person ceases to exist in this life they exist not after the death of the body of which many have found out to be untrue but have been unable to tell anyone for once a person physically dies there is and can be no return until the last Judgment call when all the of mankind shall be resurrected from the dead both spiritually and physically and brought before My throne to be Judged the verdict given and the punishment or reward applied. If they who deny that there is life after the death of the body had read in My Word the beginning of creation as they should have read it they would then see and know mankind’s spiritual existence is forever but they of all of mankind in effect to a certain degree hope this to be true not because they desire their existence to cease at the point of the death of the body but so that they may avoid being Judged for all of their crimes and sins and be cast into the bottomless pit for one thing I do know and see in their heart of hearts their fear of facing Me in Judgment and this is also the case with many of mankind especially those who seek to prove that the Universe was not created by Me that the Universe came into existence of its own volition via as they theorise a big bang and then there are also those who seek to prove that the Earth hath existed far longer than set down in My Word and that monstrous creatures existed on Earth far into the past. There are a number of truths these miss in the creation of their theories the creation of the Universe and the Earth and all living creatures was not confined to the limits of time as they pre-suppose time only came into existence when mankind fell and was cast out of the Garden of Eden. The Words set down in My written Word as concerning night and day was so that mankind could comprehend the extent of the creation of the Universe the Earth and all living creatures for if I had not done so mankind would never have been able to comprehend the reality of what it took by Me to create the whole of creation what thou should also consider is the beginning of creation and how long are My nights and days for doth not My Word say a thousand of mankind’s years as they are by thee now measured is but a day to Me but as said time as ye measure time then existed not there was no limit to life on Earth all of the life of the creatures and mankind was then forever time and death for all came into existence only when Adam and Eve fell and corruption and decay and death entered into the Universe and into the whole of creation mankind when they fell became the author of their own death and destruction but even then I was merciful and gave unto mankind if they chose and believed by faith in the promise by the seed of the woman a way back unto Me and eternal life in the form of a saviour if they believed in Him as the way back by faith. Thus say I also did I not create mankind in Mine own image and that before mankind fell they were immortal ye may ask how long was it before they were cast out and I would if so asked reply unto thee in one respect forever for then time existed not they lived and moved and had their being outside of time. Time began when the fell for their bodies but not for their spiritual existence as I live forever and as they were created in My Image spiritually so also spiritually doth mankind live forever after the death of their bodies. Adam and Eve live over a thousand years before their death and so as the spiritual perfection declined so did the life expectancy of their bodies until when mankind had sunk down into the pit of depravity at the time of Noah their life expectance was as it is now and because of the state of their hearts and the lives they lived I saith the Lord God brought upon the Earth the flood. Thus it is after the death of the body which goes down into the dust of the Earth mankind personality, spirit or soul goes out of time into eternity to be brought in to Judgement to give an account of their lives and be Judged and either condemned or acquitted but be assured mankind whether cast into the pit or enters My Kingdom of Heaven it is forever.

This is the Word of God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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