Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time as concerning this Government did I not say unto thee unless thou dist change direction in as far as obedience to My Law and Commandments disasters one upon another I would bring down upon thine head for said I not saith the Lord God of Host that neither is this government nor the opposition competent enough to Govern the UK as it should be Governed on behalf of the those who have elected thee into this high office and thus if thy disobedience continues as is then more shall follow until thy fall never to rise again neither thou nor thy party for I say unto thee and unto the Nations of the Earth that unless obedience to My Holy Laws and commandments is forth coming those who refuse shall fall for it is By My Holy Laws and Commandments I shall and I am Judging all the Nations of the Earth especially by My Moral law and not one iota thereby shall be omitted even unto perfection. So it would be wise that the Governments of the Nations should take to heart all of My Holy Laws and Commandments to even obey them all as set down in My Word for if not and all refuse that all shall fall. But in as far as the immigration problem that arose recently both parties are equally to blame in the first place the opposition part of Government as said previously who did not providing adequate legal documentation for the Windrush immigrants in the first place and the present Governments lack of proper investigation into the legality of many immigrants to reside in the UK legally especially apart from the Windrush generation and their descendants dealing with illegal immigration like a bull in a china shop is not how a wise sensible united and responsible Government acts. But this also say I that as the Captain of a ship is responsible for their crews actions so also a Prime minister is responsible for the incompetence or mistakes any member of their cabinet makes for it is the Prime Minister who forms their own cabinet in the first place. So it is if a major mistake or act of incompetence is made the Prime minister should be the first to offer their resignation and then the member of the cabinet who was incompetent or made a major mistake in the first place which does reflect on the prime minister competence as the leader of the Government who has not the ability to form a united supportive responsible and competent Cabinet. But unless there arise one person of party able to stand in the breach the decline of this government and Nation is inevitable and will result in Brexit for the Nation becoming a major disaster.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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