Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee even I AM THAT I AM even the Lord God of the whole of creation and of mankind each and everyone who has been born and is being born and shall be born until he coming of the very last day when the heavens and the Earth shall be rolled up as one rolls up a scroll and shall as like unto a scroll that is decayed beyond repair and is of no further use but to be cast into the fire and as new scroll opened up and made ready for it to be writing thereon so new heavens and the new Earth shall be as a new scroll be opened up and spread out and behold all things shall be made new. A new and perfect Earth wherein is no corruption no harm no death no war no unhappiness no sorrow wherein My peace shall exist a peace beyond all understanding whereon all who shall exist upon the new Earth shall live forever and whereon MY will saith the Lord God shall be perfectly done as it is in My Kingdom of Heaven. This I saith Holy One of Israel all of this shall be brought about in the near future and say unto thee even unto all of those who believe not in Me and all of those who doubt My Word and call into question My very existence that I AM THE LORD THY GOD I CHANGE NOT AND IN ME THERE IS NO SHADOW OF TURNING AS I SO SET IN DOWN IN MY WORD AND THROUGH MY SERVANTS THE PROPHETS SO SHALL ALL OF THAT WHICH IS WRITTEN THEREIN OF A CERTAINTY COME TO PASS EVEN ALL OF MY WILL WHICH I PURPOSE TO DO UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND IN THE HEAVENS ALL SHALL BE DONE AND NOT ONE IOTA SHALL PASS THEREFROM. Thus say I unto thee even all of that which shall be accomplished as concerning all of the Nations of the Earth and all of mankind shall as said come to pass the Judging of the Nations one by one which hath begun the casting down of the wicked immoral corrupt and idolatrous Nations who know not Me nor desire to know Me shall perish at the out pouring of the full fury of My Wrath which shall be poured out upon them. But there are those who in these days believe that mankind is advancing to such an extent that through mankind’s techknowledgey mankind’s life expectance will be extended to the point wherein mankind will almost become immortal that mankind and the Earth will exist in the Universe for many thousands of years to come. That is a delusion and a vanity of vanities for all that hath been set down and revealed in My Word is being accomplish and fulfilled upon the Earth and after I have completed the task of the Judging and the casting down of the wicked and corrupt and immoral and idolatrous Nations of the Earth then there is but Just one event to come to pass as hath been set down and revealed in My Word of which many state if even if it is true ye it is many years in the future and is called by another Name by many cultures upon the Earth. Not so! Many also call it the last great battle others Armageddon but as for Me I have called it a sacrificial feast with invitation sent out to all the fowls of the air and the scavengers of the Earth and the beast of the earth to come to the great feast and have their fill of all that is set down upon this sacrificial table. Read ye well of that revelation in My Word spoken of and written down in prophet Ezekiel’s book. Thus it is upon all the hearts and souls of mankind are written of the coming of the great and dreadful day even many call it the end of the World. But as said it is the day when all that is written in My Word as concerning the end of days indeed comes to pass unto perfection which is as said not far off.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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