Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I even the true and only Living God creator redeemer and saviour many there are who seek to discover or claim to know the spiritual make up of mankind or of humanity which I created in Mine own image as I have so revealed in My Word and of which now shall be revealed every person individuality is the spiritual part of mankind that which may call the soul and of which many believe and do declared and do teach falsely every one of mankind is made up of body soul and sprit which they are not but as said the spiritual part of mankind is every persons individuality of which every one everywhere in every place and time sees but sees not it as the outward evidence of the spiritual being of every person on Earth and that evidence is a person’s personality which is like the wind you don’t know where it comes from or its destination you hear the sound of it and the evidence of its passing but you cannot see it nor contain it so is the personality of the individual person you see the evidence of it in each and every person but you cannot touch or hold it or contain it in a vessel but the evidence of its existence is there for all to see. Thus it is that every person spiritual being is in My Image which is though corrupt still in all of mankind and is mind, emotions and will each individually a part of mankind yet one indivisible part of a person’s individuality and is evidence by the personality of each and every person. Of which each and every persons individuality is also My image in Mankind FOR I AM THAT I AM AND THERE IS NO OTHER LIVING GOD AND CREATOR OF MANKIND INFINITLY AND PERFECT IN EVERY WAY AND BEING, so it is with all of mankind as My individuality is part of My being so also is all of mankind, each and everyone is an individual person without anyone else being identical to any other human being in every way throughout all of their being and throughout all of mankind from the very beginning of creation and so shall be it till the very end the Earth as it is and the new heavens and new earth but even then and there every human being will be a perfect individual. Thus I say unto that divine truth is simple yet simply profound.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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