Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time even the Lord God of creation as afore said how are the mighty fallen and cast down unto the depths of Sheol/Hell even it is by their pride and arrogance in dealing with other Nations that indeed none other Nation on the face of the Earth can stand against it and succeed in bring it to the negotiating table to negotiate peace instead of war. But also I say unto thee as concerning the military arsenals of the mighty Nations and others that have Nuclear weapons of war that even if war broke out between Nations that have such weapons they will not be and cannot be used for each Nuclear Power know for a fact their weapons are more of a danger to their own Nation than others if they are used in that with the strength now of this weaponry any use by any Nation would escalate into a World Wide Nuclear conflict that would wipe out two thirds of the World’s Nations and populations better it would be if the Nuclear powers of the World would stick to conventional military power than Nuclear in this present so called modern age when billions are spent on sustaining Nuclear capabilities or advancing them the cost being so astronomical and such a waste of such vast amounts of money on such useless weaponry that could be otherwise used not only to meet the needs of part of the two thirds of the world’s population starving or on the point of starvation and needing vast amounts of medical aid and also funding needed for other scientific projects in as far as medical research and techknowledgey are concerned. This not only points to mankind’s ability to waste the resources of the Earth on useless projects such as Nuclear weaponry which at the outset proved that it would become a weapon that none of the World’s Nations could every use it without destroying themselves in the process. So I ask thee of all of the Nation on the Earth what use a weapon that cost what it does and is of no use whatsoever in this modern age even to threaten other Nation as the past North Korean American war of Words proved which is one and one only no one was willing to use Nuclear weapons when threatened with nuclear action if they continue on their present course but the one threatening Nuclear action is the act of someone who understands not the consequences if the one threatened had responded with actions instead of words. Better to seek peace between Nations and remove the Nuclear threat from the Earth before some megalomaniac gets hold of a Nuclear bomb or missile with the intention if they don’t get what they want to use it on an peaceful Nation or even a Metropolitan city. Thus the present situation between Iran and America both squaring up against each other like boxers in a boxing ring neither having the desire to fight but because of the circumstances they are in have no other choice but to fight or do they, if both agree to a draw and walk away. But say I unto thee in as far as this is concerned on the one side you have a Nations Leader seeking to impose because of it is a mighty and powerful Nation its will on the World Nations weaker than itself, do not bullies do that and in the end suffer the consequences when the weaker Nations as with Russia unite against such an one and on the other a religious based culture that as hath been proven in the past especially the crusades will not surrender to threats from any Nation no matter how powerful it is. Better the negotiating table than the battle field.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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