Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith even the Lord God of the whole Earth and all that dwells thereon even all that which I have created from the beginning as I warned thee thus have I brought it pass even the trembling of the Earth and the volcanoes that have followed and shall follow thereafter but yet ye attribute this and other disasters that I have struck thee with to what ye call mother nature which exists not the whole of creation is Mine alone and belongs to none other much lest to a fictious deity is it not said in My Word that the true test of a prophesy and a prophet of Mine who I deliver it by is the fulfilment thereof of the Word I send by such an one? Thus those indeed that have come to pass and be assured those which are to befall the disobedient wick and corrupt Nations of the Earth which heed not My Word and do disobey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especial My Moral laws and ye of mankind who have thereby sown to the wind wickedness and disobedience to My Holy Moral Laws and Commandments shall indeed reap the whirlwind of My Furious wrath and anger in no short measure. For it is that all that I revealed and delivered through My servants the prophets of old as concerning this age and civilization and generation especially in as far as My People are concerned has come to pass and is coming to pass and shall come to pass as shall all that I warned thee of in My Word of Warning that I sent unto thee. But in as far as the Earthquake and volcano off Americas Western seaboard this is but the being of that which is about to befall that Nation and its allies. My Weapons are such against which thou hast no defence whatsoever whilst in an instant I can destroy thine for all of My weapons that I hold in My palm of My Hand and are instantly at my command are all the forces of which ye call Nature thus as I did in Egypt to Pharaoh through Moses My servant to persuade Pharaoh to let My People go and to prove that it is I the only Living God and redeemer who rule over all of creation and that all of Nature is at My Command brought upon him and his Nation those disasters as revealed and set down in My Word so shall I saith the Lord God bring forth out of My arsenal those weapons I used against Pharaoh upon this wicked perverse unbelieving and disobedient generation and civilization. This generation and civilization shall indeed reap the harvest of their wickedness immorality and disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments which they have sown upon the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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