Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation especial of mankind whom I created in Mine own image that was corrupted when mankind gave into the temptations of the adversary and did suffer the consequence thereof nevertheless I in mercy did provide for mankind a way whereby they might regain their lost estate for I say unto thee as then so now indeed I am merciful to those who are merciful but to the cruel and hard hearted to the robbers of widows the young the orphan and the homeless the starving and the destitute and the stranger within thy midst I am a vengeful and unmerciful God visiting upon them when least expected My wrath and anger to the extent of even bringing them before Me to be immediately Judged and cast into Sheol the bottomless pit thou doth call hell, for I say unto thee all of these who do commit such crimes shall never be acquitted when Judged by Me even all of those who are terrorist who do commit mass murder with the belief if they do die in the act for their faith that they will attain heaven are very sadly mistaken especially those who blow themselves up shall reap the reward of My wrath and anger and shall of a certainty be cast headlong into the bottomless pit even if they cause no death or harm yet these as with all who commit suicide they are guilty of murder their own murder for one and for two for their contempt shown towards Me by rejecting the most precious gift I give to all of mankind the gift of life. But one warning I give and that is for self murder there is no repentance and no forgiveness only deep sorrow and an heartfelt grieving in My heart for all of those who do commit this crime their destination is fixed and cannot be altered. Many there are I of a certainty know once they commit this crime regret it instantly but then it is to late. Yes indeed it is their right to chose to end their lives this way for that reason gave I mankind freedom of will but nevertheless according to My Holy Law and commandments which are immutably written as it were in stone any act of murder or the killing of any human being is by My Holy Law Judged as murder and I must Judge all who commit this crime as guilty of murder and condemned by Me to the bottomless pit but nevertheless I lose one of My chief creation and one of My children by such a crime and the loss of a child by any parent is hard to bear how think ye I feel when I lose not one but many millions by this crime of murder not only the murdered but those who deliberately commit this crime become totally lost to Me and by Me condemned. My law doth state perfectly thou SHALT NOT KILL AND WHOMSOEVER DOES IS IN DANGER OF BEING CAST FOREVER INTO SHEOL/HELL. OR THE BOTTOMLESS PIT. Thus the commandments is THOU SHALT NOT KILL which doth mean any act of Killing whether thyself or any other human being is murder it is as simple as that DO NOT KILL if YOU DO thou must suffer the consequences set down in My Word. Many will ask what do I mean by Killing or Murder by this I put it before thee as in thy courts of Law to thee there are levels of murder or as ye put it extenuating circumstances or put another way excuses for murdering another human being as for instance crimes of passion not so with Me as My Law states so it is, simply put My Law states do not Kill meaning depriving some one of life no matter the means or the reason is thus condemned by Me and My Law as Murder and punishable as such.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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