Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of the heaven of heavens unto thee at this time because these Brexit negotiation are in such a mess it is going to end up in and hard Brexit of which both side are responsible for, the EU’s hard line approach being unwilling to compromise in any way whatsoever on the main issues and the UK having no set sensible coherent plan chopping and changing demands and directions even as often as the wind changes direction and upon certain issues as with the EU being unwilling to compromise as for instance the failure to sort out the Irish Border problem this problem will always remain a problem unless ALL sides including the Irish and the Northern Irish Governments are willing to sit down and all put their heads together and hammer out a solution that all sides are willing to accept as the only proper sensible solution which in deed is right in front of their eyes of which they cannot see because of their short sightedness or because they are unwilling to see that the solution means that they will have to compromise far more than each side is willing to do so. But what has mainly cause these negations to drag out is the hard line attitude revealed by the red lines that each side has drawn at the start of the negotiations which they are adamantly unwillingly to go beyond, all negotiations that fail before they begin always start with one or both sides stating at the outset what they are adamantly unwilling to accept less than what they propose and what they will absolutely reject at the outset, in other words they state this is the only deal that they are willing to accept take it or leave it and this from the outset has been the negotiating stance of the EU side of the negotiations which will and has generated a reciprocal attitude on the part of the UK Governments side of these negotiations. As with business negotiations there is always a middle ground that can be reached through compromise and where there is no compromise on both sides then the negotiations fall apart as will these Brexit negations inevitably fall apart for the very same reason because of the hard head stubborn attitude of both sides unwilling to compromise on the main issues and on the red lines both side have set down from the very start in as far as these negotiations are concerned there is at present no middle ground upon which both sides can meet and agree a sensible coherent solution and agree a deal which will benefit both sides the UK and the EU which means these negotiations will inevitably result in a hard Brexit or that they are forever going to go round in circles going nowhere. Both sides are going to have to give way to the other side if the Brexit negotiations are going to succeed otherwise it is going to be disastrous for both the EU and the UK especially this UK government A failure to come to a sensible coherent agreement for the EU means all agreements thus far made are dissolved and the UK leaves without fulfilling most or all of the pledges it has made thus far.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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