Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee at this time saith the true and only Living God and redeemer My previous word unto thee in as far as Brexit is concerned is to force this government to acknowledge the stark reality of these negotiations which is only one sided and that side is the EU’s as said for these negotiations to succeed there has to be significant serious compromises on both sides of which on the UK has made many and the EU little or none the EU has but one principle in these negotiation in as far as the UK is concerned is to take all or as much as it can from the UK and give nothing in return. Thus it is that the UK in as far as Gibraltar and the Irish border are concerned reveals the true aims and ambitions of the EU for Brexit there is but one solution in their minds to the Irish and Spanish Borders in as far as they are concerned and that is that the UK gives up both Northern Ireland and Gibraltar if the UK does not then there is not going to be any trade deal on the table for the UK as it was with what the EU claimed that the UK owed in membership fees and the UK citizens living in the EU and the EU citizens in the UK they held this same Damocles’ over the heads of the British Government unless the UK was willing to pay a significant amount of what they said Britain owed the EU there could be no trade deal on the table and so the UK agree to pay a significant amount but did a trade deal materialise no! Then the EU citizens living in the UK to have the same after the UK left as before it left and to come under the jurisdiction of the EU courts of Justice when the UK left the EU or there could be no trade deal so the UK gave into the EU and agreed to their terms and conditions so long as the UK citizens received the same rights when the UIK leaves did the trade deal materialise No! Now it’s the turn of the Irish and Spanish Borders that in effect though not said the UK will not get a significant deal on trade and other issues unless it agrees to give up Northern Ireland and Gibraltar which the UK will and this has and is seen in the EU’s rejection of all the options put forth by the UK government as an answer to the Irish and Spanish Border problems did not one politician state that they were not intending a land grab to take place what else is the EU seeking to do by using a significant modern proactive trade deal to virtually threaten the UK with a no trade deal unless the UK agrees to its terms and conditions. The way and manner that the EU wants the UK to leave the EU is its way and only it benefiting from the UK’s departure and made it mind up on which way the negotiations were going to go after they got over the shock of the UK’s vote to leave the EU they even made contingency plans after the previous Prime Ministers negotiations failed and they knew there was going to be a referendum when he returned to the UK in case there was a vote to leave the EU which was to get from the UK as much as they could without giving anything in return. The UK since joining has made significant contribution to the EU right from the beginning and demanded little in return and now by the attitude in these negotiations of the EU and its members though not all how little regard and respect it has for the UK and its people to treat it in the manner it has in these negotiations. It looks as though the only deal the EU in the end is going to offer the UK is a bad deal resulting in a hard Brexit or the Negotiations going round in circles till either side gives into the other. But a hard Brexit which will and is becoming self evident by the increasing prosperity of the British economy will have a detrimental effect on the EU’s economic future.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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