Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time saith the Lord God of the Host of the heaven of heavens and all that do dwell upon the Earth who also live move and have their being in Me. As concerning the Leader of North Korea as said unto thee so now is My Word concerning him come to pass in the first instance in as far as his willingness to take down his nuclear capability but that was not the main cause of the possibility of the conference being in danger of being cancelled it was the joint exercises between South Korean and American forces of which he assumed would no longer take place as both sides had now negotiated and sign a peace treaty declaring the end of hostilities between the two Nations in fact he was hoping that now that had taken place not only would joint exercises cease but also no longer the necessity for the American Military to remain in South Korea that the American Leader would have as there is no longer a state of war between the two Nations a peace treaty having been signed the American Leader would stated there was no reason for American Military to remain in South Korea and would if further progress was made between the two Nation to cooperate with Each other he would order a orderly withdrawal of American troops and military as a gesture to aid further unity between the two Nations. Thus as said I that his reluctance to give up his Nuclear Arsenal would be one sign of his aims to fulfil not only his father’s ambitions for the whole of Korea but his own also the other was his expectancy for America to announce the withdrawal of the American Military dashed against the wall because of Joint Military exercises it is understandable to certain degree for him to hold onto his nuclear ability for a certain length of time until he was sure that American aggression towards his Nation had ceased but to show his frustrated anger by threatening to cancel the conference between the American Leader and himself reveals his true ambitions for Korea as a whole first to declare peace between the two Koreas lulling the South into a false sense of security because of the peace treaty then seeing as there was peace the American Military would be withdrawn having no reason to remain in South Korea then the borders fences and barriers between the two torn down to mark the reunification of the two Nations of Korea which would leave open the way for a complete takeover of the whole of Korea by the North Korean Leader and with his Nuclear Capability still in place and the support of China if America sought to intervene he could threaten Nuclear retaliation. Thus would his and his parents ambitions would be fulfilled in every respect. The proof of this is the lack of change in North Korea and its people and his human rights record their two Nations are on the opposite sides of human rights and true democratic freedoms the two can never in reality co exist for it will be that there will be cultural and political clashes with either one seeking to dominate the other the political social freedoms and human rights of the south will threaten the political restrictions lack of the freedom of the people and lack of basic human rights. Thou hast to answer this question which is the most aggressive of the two and which is liable to take over and dominate the other.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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