Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God the one only true Living God and redeemer unto thee that this generation and many of this civilization honours Me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me for this is a wicked and perverse and an immoral generation and civilization for if those of this generation Loved Me as they so profess they would have and would obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments from their hearts as is so set down in My Word the curse of ritualism plagues the many faiths that profess to be of Me and others teach that which contrary to My Word the Law and the prophets as so revealed in My Word. Yea indeed as was so set before thee that My Love of mankind was revealed in the sending of the Messiah the true and only eternal Passover Lamb even He whose Mother was commanded to Name Him Immanuel meaning God with us or dwelling amongst mankind. He was sent as a fulfilment of promise to be a sacrifice on the altar of My unmerited Loving Kindness for mankind for all the sins, transgressions and crimes of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments that through His death and resurrection those who accepted Him as their Passover Lamb would be forgiven and cleanse of all of their sins and transgressions and become Holy and Righteous in My sight becoming once more true children of the Living God and inheriting forever My Kingdom but it is also that I say unto thee that there is but one Name whereby any of mankind can be saved from My Wrath to come and no other Name whatsoever even Immanuel as is so set down in My Word old and new forever. But as said there can be no redemption unless asked for as forgiveness is only give to those who come before Me with a humble and contrite heart seeking forgiveness and I must emphasis forgiveness is not given unless asked for from the heart it is not automatically applied to any one especially to all of those who through Him and His blood poured forth belong unto Me and once upon that path ye do tread there is no turning back for if any do so then of a surety only death destruction and the pit await those who do. Thus also I say unto all of mankind the choice of salvation through the Messiah is offered once and once only to all of mankind and if rejected then for these only the bottomless pit awaits all the unrepentant of mankind. Thus say I also as My Word says by their fruits shall ye know them thus I say of theis Generation and civilization by their fruit are they also known by Me.

This is the Word of God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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