Thus saith the Lord God of Abrham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation and of the hosts of the heavens and heaven of heavens as said I afore unto thee as My Word says by their fruits shall ye know them thus I say of this Generation and civilization by their fruits are they also known by Me. Can say I unto thee a bad tree produce good fruit or a corrupt and evil tree bear good fruit neither can this generation and civilization bear the fruits of righteousness holiness peace and love only war corruption conflicts immorality and disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especially My Moral Laws and like unto an evil and corrupt tree that is only fit to be cast down cut up into pieces to be cast in the fire of My indignation and the fury of My wrath and anger and be destroyed which shall be indeed visited upon this generation and civilization if at these last days they turn not from all of their wickedness corruption immorality the breaking of all of My Holy Laws thus as said afore if thou doth Love Me thou wouldst obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments through faith and belief in the only true eternal Passover Lamb even the Messiah Immanuel but in thy hearts I see that ye believe not and only honour Me with thy lips why is it because thou doth fear Me and the Judgment to come and seek to appease My Wrath and anger with thy words that are as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal full of sound but no substance or meaning and those who produce empty words of prayer and ritualistic service bear the same fruit as bad trees and shall be cut down and cast into the fire like unto bad trees that bear evil fruit, only from the heart is true prayer answered and true service given and only those who bear the good fruit of an honest open and true upright heart that pray in the Messiahs Name will be heard and answered by Me saith the Holy One of Israel. But doth it come down to this as I said if thou Love Me thou would obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments therefore doth the opposite apply if thou hatest Me would thou not disobey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and by thy words actions and deeds of this civilization and generation which tree symbolises best this Generation and Worldwide Civilization this do I put before thee answer ye Me if thou can. But also I say unto thee if thou doth study the stars of the heavens through thy most powerful telescopes the signs of the end of these heavens and thus to come the Earth hath already begun like I said in My Word all is to be rolled up as thou doth roll up a scroll of no use and do cast in the fire to be burned up after which I shall create the New Heavens and New Earth wherein there is no wickedness corruption death decay unhappiness war poverty disease sickness and evil whatsoever. Thus as set down in My Word so shall the end of the old heavens and Earth be accomplished and the creation of the New heavens and the New Earth as is set down in My Word as I so promise so shall it be fulfilled

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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