Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even the Lord God of the whole of creation unto thee at this time that the North Korean Leader is like unto a simmering volcano ready to erupt because of his ambition through deception of achieving Korean Unity which is seen by what afore was revealed as concerning his aims and ambition for Korean Unity with him and his regime solely in charge of all of Korea, if that was not so he would willingly give up his nuclear capability and ambition and seek a sincere peace with the South, if he was not sincer he would not be willing under any circumstance to relinquish his nuclear arsenal and capability. His aim by his peaceful ambition with the South seemed genuine but there were and always have been questions in a far as he and his regime were concerned of human rights for one the military state of his Nation and his aggressive attitude towards other Nations. But still the west was willing to give him the chance to prove he and his regime could change the only stumbling block was his nuclear capability that could be a danger not only to the region but to world peace and which America insisted had to be dismantled of which he has refused and if he was left to make peace with the south with his Nuclear Capability intact any removal from the South of the American Military would leave it vulnerable to North Korea taking over the whole peninsular by force if necessary and if America sought to intervene would be threaten with North Korean Nuclear retaliation. Thus his plans in as far as he is concerned Unity and Peace and furtherance of his ambition for the whole of the Korean peninsula brought down and the possibility because of the threat of American sanctions once again being imposed will this volcano erupt into military action against the South especially with border obstruction being removed. Thus the west must see by his attitude his military the dictatorship of his regime over his Nation and the human rights state of his Nation that peace, unity friendship and harmony with the South or even with the rest of humanity have never been a part of his ambitions for his own Nation as well as South Korea total dominance total rule total control that’s his attitude and seen when he was in the South especially being uncomfortable with children. To this Korean Leader now there is only one answer to fulfil the aims of his father and grandfather and that is by any of the means he posseses he will use to achieve theirs and his own ambitions.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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