Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

This western Civilization and Generation though they yet do not know or see it are heading towards a catastrophic recession of unimaginable proportions of their own making of which the process is underway and the cause the flawed logic of the Business and financial community or sectors which is at the moment at the stage of reducing high street outlets especially high street stores car show rooms and others venues and transferring them to centralised internet and other automated outlets needing smaller or less business premises especially with especially with the present modern automated facilities and this is the major advantage for the business and financial sectors a drastically reduced work force resulting in greater profit margins and a vastly reduced wages bill and as these increase so does the automation in running these businesses thus reducing the work force further and further and here is the source of the coming recession which escalates as the internet and automated businesses and industry increase for a short while their be bonanza of increased of profit margins low outlay and wages bill greater wealth for the business community the Financial Markets and the Country but the problem is as these business increase and the work force is drastically reduced more and more are forced out of work and become unemployed more and more have to live below the poverty line and that is now seen by the increase for the necessity for food banks, let Me put is as simply as is possible. At the moment there is an increase in internet trading and automation and a reduction of high street trading resulting in redundancies on a scale never seen since the nineteen thirties and for the unemployed an decrease in the Jobs market. The problem for the business and financial communities arise as the workforce deceases resulting in fewer and fewer customers to buy manufactured products because they have not the resources to buy them. Therefore as the unemployed workforce increases more and more business face bankruptcy because they cannot sell what they have manufactured and this increases the unemployed work force and as that increases to the stage people can just about afford the necessities of life and even then struggle to meet day to day existence is where recession starts to hite and not Just one country will be affected but will escalate worldwide. The problem is balance there has to be balance between the manufacturer and the customer. Between the business and financial sectors and the public sector all at the moment are interconnected one suffers they all suffer one fails or upsets the balance all fail until the balance is restored. Thus the work force of any country is its most valuable asset not only in the production of goods and services which as said will and has decreased drastically in the past few years but also as customers to buy manufactured goods necessities and luxuries reduces so will the Business sector and as said the business sector and the public sector are inextricable connected as are the financial sectors reliant on investors and speculatorss in the stocks and shares market. Thus saith the Holy One of Israel think ye not that I am not cognizant of all financial business and other monetary matters whilst they are of this World yet I it is who hath created thee think ye not that I know mankind as My creation unto perfection indeed I do for all of ye live and move and have thy being in Me both physical as well as spiritual and whilst the Spiritual is more important than the physical to Me yet I AM aware of the intricacies of all human culture and trading even unto perfection but in the end as the Heavens and the Earth are replaced with the new heaven and the new Earth all of the machinations of the flesh will vanish and exist not. For everything in My Kingdom is free to all there is no buying or selling no profit or loss no necessity for material possessions no death no sickness ill health no need for transport vehicles of any kind all movement over the earth will be instantaneous and as needed as hath been revealed in that book in My Word ye call the Acts of the Apostles all anyone will need to do is but ask and it shall be done.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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