Thus saith the lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee all life is precious to Me saith the Lord God from conception to death and any ending of any human life by Me is according to My Law and Commandments a breaking of one of My Most sacred Laws life say I begins when I say not thy scientists they in reality dont know when Life begins but I do and it begins when I saith the Holy One of Israel say it does. But a revelation I will give which is life is already there before the egg is impregnated with the seed or the living sperm of the man the sperm gives life to the egg which then comes to life and any one terminating life is by Me considered and Judged as breaking one of My Most sacred Laws and Commandments THOU SHALT NOT KILL and any who do I shall not hold them guiltless when they come before Me all of My Laws and Commandments are set and immovable and unchangeable and though I hold back My wrath and anger against any who do terminate life or Kill a human being yet before Me after their life’s end and they come before Me will have to answer fr their crimes especially this one. Though this I do say as I am creator and Judge of all mankind yet I am merciful to all come before Me seeking mercy and though killing by accident is not the same as Killing deliberately yet still all the circumstances especially the state and intents of the hearts of the guilty who kill by accident I shall search out and if mercy is due them mercy shall be forth coming. This I do say unto thee the act of what ye call murder is by Me n My Law the act of deliberate intentional killing of another human being and in as far as the killing of My creatures if thou desires to know is considered a crime when it is the unnecessary and deliberate act of killing any creature for self gratification or profit and as such shall the act by Me Judged.. But after death the path to Judgment is fixed and set on to he who holds the book of life and then on to My Judgment throne to be Judged and either acquitted or condemned. One fact must be By Me pointed out religious or not religious believer or unbeliever obedient or disobedient redeemed or fallen it matters not all are to be Judged by My Holy Sacred Laws and Commandments for all of humanity in My sight are equal there are no rich or poor weak or mighty short or tall powerful or down trodden president or Prime Minister King, Queen or commoner there is no difference Spiritually all are the same in My sight and all shall be equally Judged and equally acquitted if redeemed or condemned if not there is but one path of redemption so set and no other and that is through the death and resurrection of the only true eternal Passover Lamb and none other if it is heaven ye seek first seek ye the Kingdom of the Heaven and the righteousness of the only true Passover Lamb whose blood was shed to wash away all of the sins and crimes of those who do truly believe and accept Him as their Passover Lamb who did die and was resurrected and did ascend into the Heaven of Heavens for all of those who have are and shall become true children of the Living God.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee


from the prophet of the Lord.

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