Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee and unto the Nations at this time and in these end of days that are now come upon the Earth indeed the Judging of the Nations hath now begun and as afore said shall not cease until all is fulfilled even as afore said a mighty rumbling of the Earth beneath the sea bed off the west coast of America shall strike and as I punished Japan by the tsunami that struck the Islands coast and cause such devastation so shall I do unto the American Coast Lands but on a greater scale than that which struck Japan for all the wickedness unbelief and disobedience to My Holy Law and Commandments shall I so strike that Mighty Nation but not this reason alone shall I strike this Nation, did not I say that all of the children of the Earth are precious in My sight and so are also the children of America of which the American government in many instance fail to protect in as far as the mass shootings and deaths of school children in the past reveals, thus have l held back My wrath and anger against that Government and its Leader and the Nation as a whole so that the government could bring in legislation to curb the sale of automatic weapons and bring in greater control over the sale of guns in the whole of the Nation. But this have they not done instead they have refused to control the sale of weapons to the American public in other words the situation is as it was when the last incident of the mass shooting of children occurred even though there where and still are mass protests calling for greater gun control the American Government and its leader are pandering to the gun lobby refusing to be the necessary requirements to protect their children Nationwide who runs the America the Government or the gun lobby in as far as gun control is concerned. But now no longer is and shall My wrath and anger be held back as I have struck and Island off the coast of American so shall I strike in many diverse place in the American Mainland as I have so struck that Island and in the same manner not bringing death and destruction upon the lives of the inhabitants but upon all their property and possessions for as I have struck many Nations in the past I have not done so at this time which I could easily have made that volcano Erupt in one cataclysmic blast that I have caused to erupt in the past as I did with Vesuvius or Mount Saint Helens or like the volcanoes of the past that struck the Greek Islands but it is that I shall hold back My wrath and anger no longer and a rumbling as said beneath the sea bed floor off the coast of America shall be so violent that it shall be felt many miles inland which shall create a massive tidal wave or tsunami that shall strike the American Coast Lands greater than that, that struck Japan and the only way shall My wrath and anger shall be held back from punishing America in that way and manner is if concrete efforts and positive steps are taken to bring the sale of guns and weapons are brought under strict control and I say I shall only hold back if the words of thy mouths match the intents of thy hearts. This though I do say that the members of the gun lobby if they harden their hearts so shall I harden Mine and shall strike them and their lands hip and thigh so that they know with whom they have to do and that they fight not against flesh and blood but against the Most High Eternal and Living God and creator of all that is upon the face of the Earth and in the Heavens above. I said afore that the Judging of the Nations hath begun and it is that the Mighty Nations of the Earth are first on My List to be Judged.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto Thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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