Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven, mankind and the creatures of the Earth that the EU is no longer a free open global trading democracy and which is day by day becoming more self evident, the most recent being The Italian Governmental structure whose President refused to accept and swear into the office of Prime minister a populist Euro sceptic Prime minister elected by the popular vote of the electorate and though even on a temporary basis swore into office an ardent Eurocrat who said that proper elections would ensue after a short period of time which will be under the influence of the EU itself with certain underlying controls as to the outcome of the elections marginalising the populist euro sceptic movement in favour of a Erocratic style government and Prime Minister. In as far as Britain was concerned the former British Prime Minister negotiations over Britain position within the EU and the reforms he put forward were out rightly rejected conveniently by all the EU membership without a single one siding with the British Prime Minister suggestions. But this alone is not the first example of the EU’s central governments domination over member states using not direct dictator style tactics but nevertheless having the underlying principles of a Dictatorship in the making the most obvious of all was the aims and ambitions of the EU government in seeking closer integration and the creation of a central European Military which would eventual have lead to the EU becoming a Republic with one central government and the member Nations loosing autonomy over self governance which in effect is already happening. But what about the UK and Brexit the EU central government if the negotiations are viewed from a proper perspective are not negotiations seeking a smooth exit of the UK from the EU but using every tactic the present negotiator can to delay or even halt Brexit as seen in the usage of various politicians to try and persuade the UK public to apply for another referendum in the hope the British public will vote to stay within the EU the only way to stop the EU’s delaying tactics is to warn the EU and its negotiators if sufficient progress is not made within a time frame acceptable to the UK and not the EU the UK will have no alternative but to apply a hard Brexit without any further negotiations whatsoever the UK needs to take full control of these negotiations leaving the EU under no illusion as to the path the UK government will take if the negotiations are not constructively to the advantage of the UK. The EU if it cannot negotiate a favourable deal for the UK and a hard Brexit results has far more to lose than ever the UK could and as the UK has many times been isolated from Europe and stood on its own two feet it can do it again and prosper the EU needs the UK not the UK needs the EU.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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