Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee at this time even I who am the Lord God of the whole of creation now are these last days come upon all the Earth and the Nations and as prophesied so draweth nigh the Last Great Battle between the children of the World and the children of God even My Children saith the Holy One of Israel. The place hath been set as revealed in My Word but this say I unto thee that now on the borders of Israel are gather the armies of Gog which is a Nation now known by another Name at this time and in these days the armies of Gog are the allied armies of the Nations gathered in support of a Tyrannical dictator set by any means possible in reclaiming his Nation from terrorists and rebels and also gathered on Israels border is the army of those peoples who claim that the Land of Promise once known as Canaan belongs to them a people once known by another Name in King David’s day but altogether they are the armies of Gog and yet to be gathered with them are the armies of Magog which is a Nation in these days and times know by another Name a mighty Nation as is Gog a mighty one upon the Earth. But as revealed these Nations allied to Gog are set upon their own path and course but once they have accomplished all that they intended then shall their eyes be turned towards the Holy Land in support of a people who claim that the land of Israel belongs to them. But as yet the armies of Magog are also the armies of those Nations allied to Magog which is as said a mighty Nation known in these days by another Name and shall not ally themselves to Gog at this time but will and has sought by other means to bring peace in Israel which has and shall fail because those people seek but one solution to the Palestinian Israeli problem the end of Israel and the restoration of the state of Palestine which will never happen and any thought of accomplishing this must be erased from the minds of the Leaders of the Nations of the Earth. But when the throne of King David hath been restore as is prophesied in My Word which I revealed through the prophets would come to pass and He who is ordained by Me sits thereon. Then shall the Nation of Israel seek to change its National status from being a state to once again becoming the Kingdom of Israel then shall Magog change his mind and support Gog in opposing this move by Israel from a state to a Kingdom and all that implies. First Israel becomes a state then Jerusalem becomes its Capital City then the Government intends to restore the throne of King David which will lead to the coronations of a King to sit on the throne of Israel ordained by Me saith the Lord God of creation. This process of restoration in the eyes of the Nations of Gog and Magog and their allies will inevitably lead to Israel seeking to restore the Temple on Temple Mount with all that that implies. Both shall at first seek to persuade Israel by diplomatic negotiations to refrain from going in the direction it is going and when Israel refuses shall threaten Israel with at first sanctions and then the use of force which will inevitably lead to the Last Great battle between the armies of the Adversary and the armies of the host of heaven.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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