Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time saith the Lord God even the Holy one of israel that there are two mighty Nations which are to fall even unto the dust of the ground and unto destruction whose end will be sudden and unexpected as these two will come up with others against a small Nation of no great consequence upon the face of the Earth expecting it to agree to a peace settlement between it and another peoples who lay claim to the land it now occupies who will refuse the pressure brought to bear by the two mighty Nations and their allies who then will seek to force its compliance with their wishes by imposing sanctions which upon this one will have no effect for they are a stubborn though small Nation then these will seek by force to impose their will by seeking to enter that Nation but aid shall come to its defence from two sources one from the Northern Isles and another from the heights of the Heaven of Heavens even all the Host of Heaven shall descend upon these two causing their armies to be cast down unto the dust of the ground and unto utter and total destruction even unto the bottomless pit. The third mighty Nation will seek to remain apart from these two refusing a request for this mighty one to partake in their efforts to force the small Nations compromise with those who say that the Land they occupy is rightfully theirs which in no way it is and this land and Small Nation is it not the Land of Promise given to Abraham and His descendants FOREVER A PROMISED LAND Given by Me saith the Holy One of Israel. The forth Mighty Nation is a Union of Nations shackled and seeking to become free of the ties that bind it imposed by another Union of Nations. This Union of Nations once a powerful and a mighty global trading Nation even one of the mightiest to exist upon the face of the Earth fell down unto the dust of the ground because of its own arrogance and pride and by seeking by force to impose its will on other Nations. This one survived a devastating war of which one of its causes was not to heed advice from within its ranks and bring its military up to full strength both at home and abroad to meet what many saw as a rising threat to peace in Europe and even sought to make peace with one leader who was becoming an obvious threat to the peace and security of Europe. As did America also to refused to see the obvious signs and heed the warnings of those within its ranks who saw the danger rising from the East. This once mighty Nation by its arrogance and pride lost much of its territory and lost a great deal of wealth it could ill afford to lose by having to buy supplies and arms from America who refused their aid in sending troops. Which in the end they did especially when they saw not only had this Nations survived against all odds but had pushed back the Enemy and that with its help Europe could be freed from the clutches of an evil dictator. But once saith the Holy one of Israel this Nation is free from the shackles and or ties that bind once more shall it rise to take it place in the World as a might Nation both in power strength and wealth becoming the fourth Mighty Nation but not as other Nations shall this Nation be after learning many lessons from past experiences but one thing indeed will aid and advance its rise to become a Nation respected and reckoned with throughout the World and that is obedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and the knowledge that pride and arrogance come before a fall as ye say it also.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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