Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the only true living eternal Lord God of the whole of creation the heavens above and the Earth beneath and the Heaven of Heavens even AM THAT I AM without beginning of days nor end thereof. To ye of the Nations the rich and prosperous Nations of the Earth who live in the lap of luxury and want for nothing that only the very poor of thy society know what real poverty and starvation is yet the poor of thy Nations know not what real poverty and starvation even living on the border line between life and death ye who waste thine excess on useless research projects costing billion even space research that does not put food in the stomachs of thy people never mind the poorest Nations of the Earth and the Nations whose wealth has come from the abuse of other peoples cultures and Nations who seek to blind the eyes of their consciences to the truth of the source of their wealth and prosperity. Thine excess is given to thee not to waste on projects of little or no benefit to humanity but to be used to provide the basic living standard for the most needy of humanity for it is as thy excess is given so can it be taken away especially when it is not used for that which it is give especially not to gather dust in bank vaults and financial houses but to be used for the good of all the weak the sick the poor the blind the disabled the elderly the orphan the starving and poverty ridden Nations of the Earth for refugees and the homeless. This I have put before thee afore and yet ye continue to buy and sell gathering wealth living in luxury wearing fine raiment and in fine palatial houses and spending thine excess on luxurious holidays and riotous living thus as ye have not heeded My Warnings now shall thy prosperity thine excess and luxurious living be taken away from thee and all those Nations guilty of the crime of neglecting their responsibility towards the poor and downtrodden of humanity even as I have begun to do upon an American off shore Island chain that are the retreat of the rich and powerful and I say begun as this but the beginning of troubles for the west coast of America. Thus now it is that the prosperity of the western Nations shall be brought to an end the days of plenty for the majority of western Nations ARE OVER on those Nations prosperity shall remain who contribute the major part of their excess to helping refugees the world over healing the sick of poverty stricken Nations and feeding the starving peoples of the Earth and aiding their rise from poverty not only with aid but by helping them to help themselves. By making sure that their Governments provide for the needs of their people as they should and not rob them of that which is rightfully theirs not by seeking to take over their Nation but by due process of law making sure whoever is elected to Government isn’t corrupt or corruptible and have their Nations interest at heart also by making sure a just and fair legal system is in place. But be assured all that I have warned the western Nations and the prosperous Nations of the Earth of now it is that it shall all come down upon thee and thou shalt know and understand what it is to suffer as the poverty stricken Nations of the Earth have suffered as said drought and famine plague and disease shall strike the lands of those western Nations that have had the means to really help the poor and starving Nations of the Earth and have not provided that aid that they could have but a mere pittance of their excess. What say I in My Word in as far as giving to meet the needs of others that what ye give I shall return it unto thee tenfold if given from the heart without expectance of a return or praise for thine actions in all of thy endeavours upon the face of the Earth but also the opposite I shall at this time say unto those who refuse I shall take from thee tenfold what thou could provided for the good of those in need even to the extent of taking from thee even that which thou doth have.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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