Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Lord God of Hosts even unto thee of the Nations that the third Mighty Far Eastern Nation though it refuses to get involved in the Middle Eastern Crisis that is to arise there because of the disputes over possession of the Land now called Israel but previously called Palestine of which after the second World war the British who occupied that territory were facing problems over deputed claims who were the rightful possessors of what was then called the Land of Palestine and in the end because of the debt owed to Israel because of financial aid given towards the British war effort in seeking to free Europe from the clutches of the Nazis and liberate the concentration camps with the aid of its allies and the problems the British had in governing the Land of Palestine after the war because of the many claims made as to who were the rightful owners of Palestine as it was then called. Resulting in open conflict between claimants It was finally handed over to Israel. Britain glad to get rid of a problem it couldn’t afford to have nor didn’t want. The third mighty Nation to will fall to rise no more because of conflicts and rebellion within and open conflict arising from its aggressive stance over the South China sea parts of which are claimed by other Nations in the area as their territory of which some are willing to defend no matter what. But it is the internal problems of that third Mighty Nation which shall cause its fall as did the revolution cause the fall of its previous Empie the treatment of its people denying them the basic human rights and freedoms that any and all Nations should at least provide for their people thus far they have been able to suppress by force the rebellious attitude towards the state and government that is seething beneath the surface but the people will only put up with so much before open rebellion breaks out resulting in another revolution in that Nation. Many in that Nation are treated no better than slaves by their government and many of the Companies that move to that Nation from the west who only did so because of cheap labour. Some of which have employed people with promises of good wages and conditions of employment and then paid less than promised or even not at all only providing food and accommodation until they object and then are dismissed for objecting and with no employment protection, unions or other measures in place to protect employees and wages as are provided in the west end up having to accept the situation they are in or become homeless or starve. So as before when the situation reaches its breaking point the people will rebel and what went before will be nothing compared to what is to come the only revolution which could possibly be compared to what is to come is the French revolution. But not only will the Government and its members suffer but all of the companies and the people who have gained great riches of the backs of these people. But also the West shall suffer because of its unwillingness to aggressively provoke the present Government to give the people the basic human rights they deserve.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord.

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