Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of heaven hear ye Me O Israel return unto Me and obey all of the Words of the Holy Covenant I made with thee and thy forefathers that they should walk in obedience to all that is written therein and I shall return unto thee and bless and prosper thee in all of thine endeavours do not and My Wrath and Anger as in past times shall descend upon thee and of all the Nations of the Earth shalt thou be more severely punished because of thy sins and crimes and the break of the Holy Covenant more so than thou was punished before thou was returned unto the Land of promise when thou were out cast amongst the Nations because thou did not hold to nor observer all the Words of the Holy Covenant made with thee take heed of the warnings I have already sent unto thee and whether thou believest or not yet through My servant comes My Word unto thee cleanse all the Land of Israel of all that pollutes it especially that of the Nations remove all the high places and idols within the Land cast them down and destroy them for they are an abomination in My sight and the stench of their pollution rises up to the heavens from the place where they reside cause even of all of My Holy City to be cleansed of all the abominable things therein cast them forth out of My sight for once more shall Jerusalem become My Holy City even as a virgin bride to her betrothed shall she be unto Me saith the Lord God of the whole of creation and raise up I say raise up the House to My Holy Name so that once more the glory of My Holy Name and the Ark of My covenant might once again reside in the midst thereof. But to the Mighty Nations of the Earth I say ye have be weighed in My Balances and thou hast been Judged and now shall thy punishment descend upon thee at the time by Me appointed for it to descend upon thee. But to the rest of the Nations say I this that not only shall My Judgment be upon these three but it shall go out as said unto all the Nations of the Earth all shall be weighed in My Balances all shall be Judge and if punishment is due it shall be executed thereon as said at the time I appoint for it to do so. But it is that also shall the Angel of death go out to slay all the wicked and immoral and disobedient of mankind with plague and with drought and with famine even also as I have so punished the Mighty Nations so shall I Judge and Punish all the Nations of the Earth from the greatest to the least from the poorest to the richest none shall escape that are wicked and immoral and are disobedient to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments

This the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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