Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of the Heaven of Heavens unto thee mercy peace and blessing and My protection where ever it is due there shall it be given and where wrath anger Justice and Judgment and the outpouring of My indignation and the full fury of wrath and anger is due there shall it descend upon all of the wicked the rebellious the disobedient the greedy selfish inhabitants of the Earth who care not about their fellow human beings or My creatures that exist on the Earth who have no thought for the week the poor the starving the downtrodden the persecuted the homeless the disabled the elderly the sick the lame and the maimed who protest at the treatment ethnic minorities by their own governments but yet are unwilling to take practical action to stop it who are all words and no action who shall reap what they sow for if concrete action when these situations arose way taken then the refugee and immigrant problem would not be what it is now. Whose only thought is for their own comfort and prosperity their luxurious living their bank balances their houses their expensive vehicles who have benefit dinners charity galas fund raising events and think in their hearts that they have done all they can to meet the needs of others when in fact of their excess have they given and a minute portion of their time and effort thus I say unto these by thine actions art thou Judged not by thy words and thy merger efforts to placate the pricking of thy consciences will only result in thy downfall. Well now it is as i have warned thee for the great wickedness and immorality of mankind of that which I would bring down upon thy heads if thou heeded no My warning but hardened thy hearts deafened thine ears and blinded thine eyes and so it did start with thy possessions which I did take from thee by flood and earth Quakes volcanic eruptions by plague drought famine and other pestilences but refrained from punishing Mankind to the extent of raining down death and destruction but yet the loss of thy possessions would I have hoped turn thee from thy wicked and rebellious and cruel ways and immoral and depraved ways counting the preciousness of life from the moment the spark of life ignited bringing into existence another human being but no thou did not turn thyselves around and consider that the destruction of thy possessions was punishment for all of thy disobedience and the breaking of all of My Holy Commandments and Laws even though I warned thee of that which would come upon thee because of thy wickedness and immorality even pointing out the downfall of other civilisations that have fallen for the very same reason this civilization must fall if it does not turn from its wicked rebellious and immoral cruel and selfish ways. But now though I wanted not to destroy this civilization to bring it down unto the dust of the Earth raining down upon it death and destruction yet My Just Judgment and the punishment of mankind must be done and seen to be done that perchance some may be saved from My wrath and anger. If there was but one righteous Nation upon the face of the Earth as I said unto Abraham as concerning Sodom and Gomorrah so would I have refrained from executing My Just Judgment upon the whole of mankind but yet if there be but one Nation upon the Earth from the Heart that would turn unto Me by Faith in the true and only Passover Lamb then would I have hope for the rest of mankind. But there are upon the face of the Earth of the Nations none righteous no not one and though death and destruction because of mankind’s wicked and rebellious ways I must rain down upon it wrath and anger yet it grieves Me greatly. But as I have said so shall it be done the breaking and disobedience of mankind to My Holy Laws and Commandments demands punishment and therefore punishment must be executed upon all of mankind only the upright and obedient in heart and mind through Faith in the true and only Messiah and His righteousness shall escape My wrath and anger to come.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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