Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel and the redeemer of mankind upon the horizon appears the beginnings of a world war arising but not a conventional or Nuclear war which in and of themselves bring down upon the Nations of the Earth catastrophic death and destruction but a World War that can potentially be more catastrophic than either or both for now this war hath begun and the first salvo fire by America and its Leader cannot be stopped unless the one to start it retreats from the Battle field which he will not do so at any cost which in the end will result in effect the down fall of a mighty Nation even unto the dust of the ground. This war as said is neither convention nor Nuclear but more catastrophic in it destructive potential than either for there will not be any Nation upon the face of the Earth that will not suffer from the consequences of this War thus say I unto thee saith the Lord God mankind by the actions taken thus far and those to come will see the downfall and destruction of many Nations but as this war was foretold and ordained to come yet it is that mankind because of this war begun will be the cause of much of mankind’s demise from the face of the Earth by their own hands and on their own heads shall be the blame thereof what then is this war it is a Global Trade Ware which will at first mainly affect the poverty stricken and poorer Nations of the Earth but will quickly begin to affect the more prosperous Nation and in the end the wealthiest of the Earths Nations. Thus said the one to first volley and the instigator of the War is America and it is Leader which was first fire at China which retaliated with a volley of its own with the imposition of tariffs on certain American Exports then the EU and the UK were drawn into the conflict. But trouble for the European Nations began with sanctions placed on Iran with the aim of stopping its Nuclear weapons ambitions. Which in and of itself America was entitled to do but America went further in threatening any Nation that traded with Iran with sanctions if they continued to trade with Iran which also contributed to the start of the Global trade war and the final spark that lit the trade War fuse was the tariffs imposed by America and its protectionist Leader which in the end America will be the Nation most to suffer as it becomes more and more Isolated from the rest of the World. But this has already begun to escalate into another theatre of this War and will develop if both sides in the Brexit negotiations are not carful into a trade conflict between the EU and the UK whilst the UK can easily win such a conflict the EU cannot afford the defeat it might be a Union of many Nations but the UK has a greater Union of Nations in the Common Wealth better it would be in the Brexit negotiation to offer the UK and fair progressive trade deal than have the UK leave with no deal at all which would result in the only Union to suffer and that would be the EU.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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