Thus saith Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation in as far as the UK negotiating a free trade deal with the EU the insistence by the EU of a timeless backstop in case and agreement cannot be made with the UK over the Irish and Spanish border question is just one more indication that the EU is seek to make sure that the UK never leaves the EU which in effect means that the present proposals for a time limited backstop as already indicated by the Irish side of the negotiations is not acceptable which indeed implies that only a timeless backstop would be agreeable and that means that a solution to the Irish border problem will never be found nor will the Irish the Spanish and the EU seek to find a solution nor actually need to as long as the UK remains trapped effectively in the customs Union and partially or totally in the single market and subject to the EU rules and regulations as long as it remains in that trapped position because of the timeless backstop. The agreement of a backstop was and is one of the British government’s greatest mistakes in these negotiations. But also the signs in these negotiations especially the signs revealed by this backstop is that the EU has never had any intentions whatsoever in giving the UK a fair and beneficial trade deal which if this backstop had not been agreed on the EU would have told the UK government sooner or later that there can be no progressive free trade deal for the UK as that would be against its rules and regulations on the free movement of goods and people and would be unfair to treat the UK any different than its other trading partners by giving the UK special treatment in as far as a free trade deal is concerned. There has been and is only one aim and ambition for the EU in as far as the UK is concerned and that is to keep it within the EU at all cost and if it cannot do so to make sure it will make leaving the EU as difficult as it possibly can. This so called timeless backstop in the EU’s mind would have effectively trapped the UK within the EU until the Irish border question would have been solved of which the EU if by these means; meaning the timeless backstop; could keep the UK within the EU then it would never have the need nor the incentive nor the intention of ever solving the Irish border question. The conclusion is that all the negotiations with the EU have been and are a pure waste of time when easily all could have been resolved at the outset if the EU had been honest and open and had accepted the fact that come what may the UK was leaving the EU. There is only going to be one sort of Brexit and that is a hard one which will in the end become self evident.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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