Thus saith the lord God of Abraham Isaac and jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of the heaven of heavens creator of the Universe and all that in it is especially mankind who was the chief of My creation that I place in charge of all of My creation before mankind fell through the fall of mankind’s parents even Adam and Eve. Yea thy prayers indeed do come before Me each and every one and those I answer are those that come from a pure humble and contrite heart and in the way and manner which I have revealed in My Word that mankind should pray yea indeed there are many who ask of Me saying why don’t I answer their prayers some say because I exist not some say they are to sinful for Me to answer their prayers and some give excuses on My behalf when asked of their children why their prayer are not answered for instance I am too busy dealing with those who really need My Help and some say I am away at the other side of the Universe dealing with disasters that are occurring there and that I am too far away for Me to hear their prayers. Let first these Myths and fantasies be dispelled I AM THAT I AM and AM in every part of the Universe at the same time and even if such was the reality still mankind’s prayer if prayed aright no matter how far away I was I would hear and answer them. But this leads to the matter in hand why are prayers not answered first and foremost in My word it says ye have not because ye ask not and when ye do ask ye ask not aright thus there is a right way and a wrong way to pray unto Me saith the Lord God of Israel, One example I can use is when you go to ask your parents for something you need say for school do they refuse but if you ask for something ye want and don’t need it do they always give it to you or do they ask what it’s for if it’s something you don’t really need or could be harmful do they give it to you or refuse especial if they cannot afford what ye ask for and do you listen to their explanation why they cannot afford to give it you. Or if at Work ye need tools to do your job when ye go to the boss does he refuse or if ye go to thy boss and ask for a raise and he refuses but gives you a reason why do you listen and accept the reason why. Prayer unto Me is the same asking aright for the right reason in the right way and manner with a true upright and contrite heart prayers will always be answered and if refused I will always give the reason why like any loving parent with their children so am I with mankind but not after the way and manner many parents of mankind carelessly cruelly treat their children but neither am I a sort of parent as some of mankind are abandoning their responsibility in disciplining and bring up their children aright. All My children who rebel and are cruel and do wrong act wickedly and neglect their care and responsibility towards others will I punish most severely and if they continue on a that path of wickedness cruelty rebellion and the mistreatment of others especially the weak the sick the disabled the homeless of the elderly or cruel towards children then shall I cast them into outer darkness and into the pit forever but still My heart will grieve for them for as My Word says I AM LOVE and from Me comes all the Love of and in the Universe. But there are three ways in which I judge whether or not a prayer should be answer and what is asked of Me should be given, Inward I search out the hearts of all unto perfection who pray unto Me if they be pure in heart contrite and humble and the outwardly if what they are praying for will not only meet their needs but make them a better person and be beneficial to all around them nd upward in the will bring them closer to Me strengthen their faith and in the end reach My Kingdom of the heaven of heavens forever to dwell there. But basically when any of mankind praying unto Me in the majority they are praying for what they want and not what they really need and when praying for that which they are in desperate need of consider only their own needs and not the needs of others and whether or not the needs of others are more important than their own and if it is they should pray for others and not just for themselves I do say those who pray sincerely for the needs of others without considering their own needs they will I never neglect to meet their needs without them ever needing to pray for Me to give them what they need. But there is in My Word a manner or form or way of praying aright that will ensure an answer but saying it with thy lips only and not thy heart will make the heavens as brass unto thee and the form of prayer should be to the one who is the “Father even of all of mankind creator of the Universe He who is everywhere at the same time to whom belongs the Kingdom of Heavens that indeed all of mankind should consider and hold His name sacred not to be taken lightly that His will should be done in all of creation not the will of man nor the will of the flesh nor the will of the world but as His will should be done on Earth as it is done and obeyed in His kingdom of the Heaven of Heavens. That mankind should pray that He shall give unto all their daily heavenly bread. That upon confessing their sins and trespasses He will forgive them all and that He will not allow anyone to give into temptation but that He will deliver them from all evil and the evil one. To whom belongs all the praise and kingdom and glory forever and ever as it is written so shall it be”

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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