Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even the only true Living God redeemer and creator of mankind thus say I in as far as My Holy Word Law and Commandments are concerned there are no division no old and new Testaments no spit in My covenant I made with Israel no split in My Holy Laws and Commandments all of it is My Word and Mine alone not mankind’s and is one undivided and indivisible whole there are no two Testaments only one No old and New only one Testament My Testament and as said it is Mine it belongs unto Me saith the Lord God of creation and to no other and to all to whom I have delivered it unto even all of mankind freely. I delivered and gave unto Israel the promise of a Messiah and that promise was fulfilled but the Messiah who came was rejected by His own people and for that reason was Israel cast out of the Land of promise to wander the Earth I returned Israel to the Promised Land in nineteen forty eight so that from the whole of Israel a remnant could be saved through Faith in the fulfilment of the promised Messiah the eternal Passover Lamb slain not only for My peoples sake but all who did who do and who will believe and accept Him through Faith as their redeemer and their Passover Lamb even IMMANUEL. Thus it is then that not all of Israel that dwell in the Land of Israel are true Israelites indeed only those who are in Heart soul and mind through whom I shall bring about the restoration of the House to My Name that once more it shall reside in the Land of Promise. For the Land of Promise and the Promised Messiah are one perfect indisputable fulfilment of all of My Holy Word Law and Commandments therefore as ye of mankind have divided My Word so it is My Will and Purpose that once more the two become one. But this do I say upon My Word is a curse yet to be fulfilled that whomsoever adds to My Word all the punishment that are set down in My Holy Law and commandments shall descend upon such as do so and for those who take anything away from My Word as said in My Word so shall their Names be taken from the book of life for them there is no salvation or redemption only condemnation and a certain fearful awaiting My coming Judging of the whole of mankind. As My Promises are yea and amen to all who believe in the true and only Messiah the Eternal Passover Lamb so also it is so all the curses and condemnation of My Word upon all who believe not but especial upon those who seek to add or take away from My Holy Word Law and Commandments and as said be assured all that is set down in My Word as concerning the Promises set down yet to come shall indeed come to pass as are set down in My Holy Word all shall of a certainty be fulfilled for it is the Word of Truth My Word.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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