Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee did I not say unto thee that the hidden things of darkness shall no longer remain hidden even the hidden things of all manner of wickedness and immorality and depravity and hath it not been so but as said that which hath thus far been bought out into the light as thou wouldst say is and has been but the tip of the iceberg the greater portion of which still remains hidden. But until just recently such wickedness and evil abuse neglect and the murdering of human beings in one Nation hath remained hidden until now. Have I not said unto thee that all the children of the Earth are most precious in My sight even more so than all of mankind can comprehend are they precious unto Me yet in one Nation hath been by Me brought out into the light and to the attention of the world such cruelty, abuse, torturing and the murdering of children that the World sought to ignore along with the Leaders and rulers of that Nation wherein it was recently reported on. The World and that Nations Leader and even the media until now didn’t believe such cruelty, torturing and murdering of children amongst the rich and powerful of that Nation could exist and be happening but because the cries of those children and the cries of their blood crying out from the ground hath I brought it out into the light to be seen by all. But it matters not how it hath been brought out into the light and to the attention of the World and the Worlds media only that it hath. Thus it is until now hath the abuse, cruelty, torture and murdering of children the World over and not only in this Nation has this been happening but in many others. Thus have I warned mankind how precious children are in My sight and that if it did not stop and those guilty punished that when My cup of wrath anger and indignation hath been filled up to the brim as it is now ready to be poured out, so shall it be poured out upon all of those upon the Earth that have committed these crimes against children the World over. In this way and manner shall the punishment of those guilty of these crimes against children be in the form of a grievous and terrible plague and such a plague that shall descend upon the guilty of these crimes hath not been seen upon the Earth since the enslavement in Egypt of Israel and the black death that struck the whole of Europe in punishment of the wickedness and immorality and the abuse of children in that era. Far worse than either shall the plague that shall strike the guilty in punishment that they shall wish for death to end it but it shall escape them until they have been punished as thou wouldst say it to the full measure of the Law My Law and Commandments the boils and sores that plagued the Egyptians at the time of Moses shall seem like but mere bruising of the skin compared to the sores and boils and putrefying flesh and terrible pains in all the joints of those this plague strikes that I shall send upon the guilty of these crimes against children so much so that they shall cry out in pain and horror and those that behold them shall weep great rivers of tears in pity for them. But as said until their punishment is completed shall the shroud of death not encompass them.


This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee


from the prophet of the Lord

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